What’s F2I?

F2I is our Friendliness to Integrate rating. This is purely our opinion of how good the API is, based on our experience.

When we evaluate the API for an application, we look at the following factors:

  • Quality of error messages: how easily can we understand the error message and identify the cause of the problem.
  • Maturity and completeness of the API: does it support all or most of the objects we typically need to get access to, do we consider the API mature and stable.
  • Our experience with speed and performance, did we experience any bottlenecks or throttling of the API.
  • How easy is the API to learn, including the quality of the documentation.
  • Backward compatibility, does the vendor release new versions frequently that cause existing integrations to fail?

We rate each of the above out of 5, then take the average of the sum, the end result being a ranking out of 5, where 5 = Totally amazing, we bow at your feet.

If you see an individual rating for an API and want to know the detail, feel free to contact us for the details.