So, who’s TIM?

Sure, Top Gear has The Stig, but we have TIM, he can’t drive to save himself but geez he’s smart.

He’s so smart, we reckon he’s an Einstein wannabe.  He’s only really smart about a few things though, probably like The Stig.  TIM knows all about data; profiling data, migrating, transforming and integrating data, he’s also a nut on secure SSO.

He’s not the kind of guy that provides much fun at the company parties but he’s a good guy to have around, provided you keep him on public transport and never let him drive – anywhere.

TIMs been working on integration projects for more than 10 years, he’s made lots of mistakes, managed to fixed them all and likes to share his knowledge with others.  In his spare time TIM watches movies, lots of movies, he’s not into healthfood,  oh and yeh he likes Pina Coladas.