Expanding our solution offerings with Talend ETL

We’ve been working with the Talend Open Studio for some time and we like the product.  We’ve expanded our capabilities with an OEM of the Talend ETL product to enable us to build out rapid integration solutions for our customers at a low-cost point.  Thanks to Talend for working with us to make this happen, this will enable us to deliver ETL solutions to any market at the right price.

15 minute Integration anybody?

So, you thought integration took weeks, and you had to mortgage the house and sell the family cat to afford it?

How does 15 Minutes sound?  In less time that it takes you to watch your favourite TV show you could have your Sales orders integrating with your Accounting package. MYOB, Quickbooks, Saasu just to name a few have standard interfaces that lend themselves to the new Boomi Widget Technology.

Leading analysts are blogging about widgets, and the potential they have to open the doors for SaaS applications to flourish. WDCi are leading the way with widget technology to bring affordable integration into the Asia Pacific market.  If you want to test drive and see for yourself just how quick and painless integration can be then drop us an email at getinfo@wdcigroup.net

Forgot my password again? aarrghh

SaaS is great isn’t it?  The only glitch is that sometimes it feels like you are back in the 90s when you had to login to every app you used, a problem which was long ago solved for on-premise applications (think LDAP and all those single sign-on technologies).

Then along comes Ping Identity and Google, lucky for us.

You may have seen the Google latest post re the OpenId API availability for Premier and Education accounts.

What’s so cool about this is that corporations can utilise their Google Apps credentials to authenticate them to their SaaS applications.  Even better, using PingConnect (which utilises the Google OpenID API) you can utilise your Google Apps login details to get access to Salesforce and just about any SaaS app available.

Sound like technobabble?  check out this login demo on the Ping site, it’s so simple even I can understand it.

Salesforce-MYOB ReadyMade 1.1 released

The WDCi team is pleased to announce the release of our 1.1 ReadyMade SalesForce-MYOB product.

This release provides a great level of flexibility within Salesforce to manage and control Payment Terms and Tax rates for  new accounts before you migrate them into MYOB.  In addition we have improved the logging capability for those times that the data really does not want to comply and go into MYOB nicely.

If you have MYOB as your accounting package and want to bring in your salesforce Accounts and Opportunities then take it for a test run.  Check out the details on our web site.

Partnering with Ping Identity

In order to further our capabilities in the SaaS market, we partnered with Ping Identity some months back.  It just made sense to us, implementing Identity solutions requires strong integration skills, plus we could see a gap in our market for  SSO, security and provisioning for Salesforce and Google.

Like any partnership it takes some time to learn the product, get to know the company and work with some customers interested in the solution.

We’re impressed by the comprehensive Ping Federate solution and the rapid to deploy Ping Connect.  Let us know if you want to know more, or keep an eye on our We Did area as we post some deployments.

Ready made integration solutions

Something we’re really keen to do is to simplify integration wherever possible.

We’ve been working on several pre-built integration solutions which we have named RIO ReadyMade.

They are pre-packaged integrations that provide for commonly requested integration scenarios.  Our first beta is MYOB to Salesforce with further solutions for MYOB to SugarCRM and MYOB to Really Simple Systems under development.  The first ReadyMade synchronises Account, Contact and Product data between the systems as well as creating MYOB invoices from Opportunities won in Salesforce.

As we identify the need for a low-cost standard integration solution, we’re adding them to our roadmap.

You download the executable, install, configure and you are working, all in less than 15 minutes, all without the need for IT services.  Plus the good thing is that they don’t cost a bomb.

Ping us if you want to know more or try an evaluation.  If our pre-built ReadyMade solutions aren’t an exact fit, no problem we may be able to whip you up a custom solution or if it makes sense, add your requirement to the next release.

More MYOB integration

MYOB integration continues to be in demand.  So far we have developed 2 solutions, the first involving a Boomi Connector for MYOB, enabling integration from MYOB to just about anything using the Boomi Atomsphere platform.  The second is an open source based “canned” integration solution enabling integration from MYOB to Salesforce.  The pre-built MYOB to Salesforce solution is in direct response to the number of queries we have had about this requirement.  We have also been approached to build several more packaged solutions for MYOB using both mechanisms and we are in the process of reviewing the market potential of building out pre-built solutions from MYOB to those applications.

Our pre-built MYOB to Salesforce solution will enable the synchronisation of Salesforce Accounts/Contacts to MYOB Cards, creation of Invoices in MYOB from Opportunities Won in Salesforce and update of Salesforce opportunities with invoice details from MYOB.

We know that getting the price right is key for the MYOB market, so we are offering an annual subscription as well as a perpetual price for the solution.  We’d like a few more beta clients for our pre-built solution, so if you are interested to test out the MYOB to Salesforce integration, contact us for some more details and we’ll set you up with a trial and when we release the product, we’ll let you have it for free.