Integrate Jira with Support System

If you are using Jira as an issue/defect management system and you have a separate support system, you may have all the dilemmas like the others:

  • You need to purchase additional user license for each developer to access to your support system
  • You need to purchase a new user license for each support engineer to access Jira
  • Support tickets are not linked with an issue in Jira
  • When an issue is resolved in Jira, customers are not updated in the support system

The above scenario are some common integration challenge you will see in most organisations who are using Jira and other case/ticket management system such as Salesforce, RightNow, Parature, etc. With our RIO solution, we can help you to solve this problem.

Jira Integration

Benefits of integrating these systems together:

  • You don’t have to purchase extra seats/users in both system
  • Developers and support engineers can now collaborate better
  • Engineer can act as a communication medium between developers and customers
  • Jira issues can be linked with multiple support cases. Developers can prioritise based on the priority and urgency of an issue.
  • Once a Jira issue is updated, customers will automatically receive update from the support system

JIRA Integration Connector updated to support JIRA 4.0

We have updated our JIRA Boomi Integration Connector to support JIRA 4.0.  The updated Connector now provides you the ability to search for JIRA issues, utilising the powerful JQL.

Want to know more?  Contact us for some more details or a demo, we’re confident we can connect JIRA to your application.

Got 5 minutes?  Grab some popcorn and checkout our demo of Salesforce, RIghtNow and JIRA Integration.

Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA integration trilogy

We have setup a video demo for your benefit to capture the importance of having RIO solution when you have all three applications – Salesforce, RightNow, JIRA, running in your system. The data within these applications will by synced in a way that the respective team in Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA does not have to login to all applications just to re-key the data record.

This video features a business organisation that has a dilemma in running his business operation effectively. Enjoy the show!

ReadyMade Salesforce to QuickBooks integration is out of the oven!

Our ReadyMade integration solutions now includes accounting software QuickBooks.  This adds to our existing list of accounting system integrations such as MYOB and Saasu. Check out the design of the process.

Contact the WDCi team if you would like to know more details about  how QuickBooks integration with Salesforce works, a demo can be easily arranged to show you the automation.

Rapid RightNow Integration

Are you in a situation where you got your RightNow system implemented and yet couldn’t leverage on the usage with other existing applications? It’s about time that you get all your applications communicating with each other.  Once you get them going, you don’t have to worry about re-keying data entries which will save your time.

Feel free to check out the solution we have provided for RightNow and Oracle Peoplesoft integration. We are always open for challenges that you may face in your organisation, so do contact us.

Get the popcorn, sit back, relax and watch our videos.

Sure, they are not going to win any Oscars, but if you’re interested in Salesforce integration to 2 of the most popular accounting packages around, take a look at our Salesforce to Saasu and Salesforce to MYOB ReadyMade integration solutions.  Oh and yeh, you won’t need a big bowl of popcorn cos they only last a few minutes each.

Netsuite Integration

If you are looking for a Netsuite integration, you have come to the right place! WDCi has extensive experience to synchronise existing data applications with Netsuite. We are offering a wide range of services that include data migration, integration and automation for your Netsuite system. With these processes in place, you should be able to utilise your tools in a more efficient manner.

Do you require the services mentioned above or simply interested with our Netsuite integration? Contact us and we will be your solution.

Take a look at a Netsuite to Active Directory integration that we have done recently.