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Wedid: Inventory Reconciliation Report (CSV format)


Client requested for a report to outline the discrepancies between the inventory items between the warehouse management system (SCALE) and the ERP system (Netsuite). Both stock list will be uploaded to FTP server based on the schedule set. And in return, a report in CSV format is require to outline the items’ quantity from both system as well as the variance between the quantity on hand.



Purpose To produce a daily Inventory Reconciliation Report that outline the variance between 2 systems’ item quantity on hand.
Applications FTP
Versions FTP
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information SCALE Stock List File (FTP) + Netsuite Stock List File (FTP) > Inventory Reconciliation Report (FTP)
Data Formats Flat File
Volumes ~20000/day
Process Both stock list files are retrieved from the FTP server daily which then they will be processed to generate a csv format reconciliation report.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Low


Salesforce Multi-currency: Automated Conversion Rate Update

In our previous blog, we talked about Advance Currency Management. If you think it is troublesome to update this daily/weekly/monthly, you can automate it by using the following approach:

1) Select a web service that can offer you a daily conversion rate. For example:

This web service will return you the current conversion rate in JSON format. For example:

{"to": "MYR", "rate": 3.0456099999999999, "from": "AUD"}

2) Create an automated job that query the rate daily/weekly/monthly and update it into the DatedConversionRate object. The automated job can be done using Apex Scheduler or Integration framework such as Talend or Boomi.


Wedid: Custom Related List Record Creation


The client would like to ensure that every time a project record is created, all the relevant and related default records are automatically created. The related default records created are based on the different types of options selected at the master record (see below).

Option (User selection on the master object) Related List Records (Auto created as related list records)
Option 1 Record 1
Record 2
Record 3
Record 4
Option 2 Record 2
Record 5


Create a custom master object and a custom child object. This will act as the template placeholder.

Create a look up at the project object that looks up to the template (custom master object mentioned above).

User choose the template through the lookup field in project. All the relevant default child records will be created.

Related Objects 1X Custom Object (Master) and 1X Custom Object (Child Object)
Components Data Model Design, Apex Trigger, Apex Classes
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Custom Validation Rules on Child Records


The client would like to ensure that all the child records of a master record to be marked as “Completed” before the users can change any a specific value in the master record.


Ensure that the master and child record objects are linked using master-detail relationship.

Use a roll-up summary to calculate total child records and use roll-up summary to calculate total child records with “Completed” status.

Use validation to check if these 2 roll-up summaries match. If matched allow the changes of a value in master record if not then otherwise.

Related Objects Custom Object (Master) and Custom Object (Child Object)
Components Data Model Design, Roll-up Summary, Validation Rules
Complexity Easy

Wedid: Customised Form Submission


The client is providing mentoring /coaching services to individuals that works in managerial positions. This client would like to provide a web form for the potential applicants to submit their application details from the website. The applicants have to fill up their standard personal details and attach their personal resumes and supporting documents for submission as well.


Salesforce out-of-the-box web-to-lead feature does not handle attachment submission.

Setup a web form using a web form app – Form Assembly. Configure and map the relevant fields  available in the web form against the fields in lead an map the attachment field in the web form against the lead related attachment object.

Related Objects Lead and Attachment
Components Form Assembly
Complexity Easy



Client wants to sync Oracle database, which contains Active Directory records, to those in Equella so that the users will be granted access to their respective repositories. Client also requested where possible reduce the queries from Equella.



Purpose Query group members from Oracle and update groups in Equella.
Applications Oracle database
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information DB > Equella
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process DB > Create > Equella
Schedule Every 5 minutes
Complexity Medium

Boomi: Query Marketo Leads by Static List

In Boomi Marketo connector, you can query a list of leads by using the static list which gives you the option of either using:

1. Static List Name
2. Static List Id


Static List Name
You can do this by simply providing the name of the List that you have created in Marketo. However, if the list is created under a campaign, you have to provide the name of the campaign and the list. For example:


if you have the setup as shown in the screenshot above, the name that you should provide is “Campaigns for Activity Extract.Leads with Web Visits”.

Static List id
If you would like to use the list Id, you can retrieve the Id:
- click on the list
- look at the URL in browser
- retrieve the number between ST and A1

For example:, the Id for the list would be 1234.

Wedid: Netsuite & FTP Integration


Files are generated from a warehouse management system, with information about incoming and outgoing transactions, and transferred to a FTP server. These transaction files in turn need to be synced to Netsuite system.



Purpose To sync incoming and outgoing transactions from warehouse management system into Netsuite.
Applications Netsuite
FTP (Storage)
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information FTP (Receipt) > Netsuite Item Receipt
FTP (TransactionHistory) > Netsuite Inventory Adjustment
FTP (Shipment) > Netsuite Item Fulfillment
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process FTP (Receipt) Create Netsuite Item Receipt
FTP (TransactionHistory) Create Netsuite Inventory Adjustment
FTP (Shipment) Create Netsuite Item Fulfillment
Schedule Every 5 minutes
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Netsuite & Warehouse Management System (Scale) Integration


The client uses Netsuite to manage the transaction orders and Manhattan SCALE, a warehouse system to manage the distribution of the products, they would like to sync data between both the systems to keep track of the orders and the inventory system



Purpose The inventory records between two systems need to be consistently synced to track orders (from sales, purchase and return activities) and inventory (from warehouse).
Applications Netsuite
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information Netsuite Inventory Item > SCALE Item
Netsuite Transaction Order > SCALE Receipt
Netsuite Transaction Order > SCALE Shipment
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process Netsuite Inventory Item create/update SCALE Item
Netsuite Transaction Order create/update SCALE Receipt
Netsuite Transaction Order create SCALE Shipment
Schedule Every 5 minutes
Complexity Medium