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Wedid: Salesforce Health Check

Health is important for all humans and also for your IT system’s! Keeping your IT system’s healthy helps in sustaining a better business. For example, Salesforce being your company’s CRM system.

Keeping Salesforce healthy helps you access your customer information in a smother and safer environment.

As such, we’ve recently helped our customer to perform a health check against their existing Salesforce instance which have operated for at least 3 years.

Some of the highlights of the health check scope includes:

  • Salesforce very own security health check
  • Scanning apex code/s within the Salesforce instance
  • Monitor Salesforce API request limit
  • And much more

It is recommended to health check your system at least on a yearly basis, similar to your yearly body checkup as well.

If you value your Salesforce instance as much as you value your own health, feel free to contact us for help you with your Salesforce health check.

Wedid: Enhanced Recurring Event in Salesforce


The customer manages their clientele function bookings (i.e. company meeting, birthday party, wedding dinner, etc.) within Salesforce via a custom event app and integrated with a calendar app to display each of the events in the calendar view. Requests from their clientele for recurring functions/events such as weekly board meeting, community discussion and many more need to be tracked accordingly within Salesforce, plus being displayed on the calendar app view accordingly. Double booking on the slot which may have been booked by other occasions is not allow and needs to be notified.



The parent event was created via the custom event app. The customer utilised the standard Salesforce task object (which allows defining recurring activities) attached to the parent event.  This  is used to spawn the desired recurring event (Children records to the parent event) when the events are created. They are to be displayed accordingly in the calendar app view as well. Additional apex customisation is used to handle the double booking scenario instead.
Sample flow

Related Objects Account, Tasks/Activities and other related Custom Objects
Components Custom Button, Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes
Complexity Moderate

Wedid: Using Salesforce in a Residential Care Environment


The main business requirement for the aged care facility was streamlining all the information to a single point of data entry as well as providing transparent updates to the residents.  Optimal care of the resident is enhanced when all data is stored in a single system.

Data such as medical records, progressive monitoring and the sharing of social updates as well as picture sharing among family members accessible via mobile.

Ability to grow as the facility increased the number of residents. The ability to provide a secure data store with access restricted based on users and information type.


  1. Gather all data and understand the origin and process involved
  2. Design the data model and to ensure a single point of data but ensure that security will not be compromised
  3. Leverage Salesforce Customer Community to provide updates on the residents to family members

Related Objects Lead, Account (Person), Contact, Other Custom Objects
Components Data modelling, Customer Community, Visualforce Page, Apex Trigger
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Campaign Response Tracking


Faced with some restrictions using Enterprise Edition this client requested multiple automatons in regards to tracking their clientele responses for running campaigns targeting existing clients response on prospective products being added to the Product List (assessing product validity) using the campaign object.


By creating a custom object and reusing the same process builder where applicable around the campaign object, the limitations within Enterprise edition were able to be maintained, from creating child records to assigning tasks to the different account owners, campaign member status update, updating and closing all tasks associated once the information had been collected.

Related Objects Campaign, Campaign Members, Custom Collection Object
Components Process Builder, Enterprise Limitations
Complexity Medium

Wedid:BCI Data Modelling in Salesforce


Data intelligence and leads coming from BCI are the core sales opportunity in the business of our chemical construction site service customer.

These leads are externally provisioned through CSV files and it needs to be tracked in Salesforce so that it can blend into other business data. The convergence of these data will help the customer form a powerful source of report in the forecast and finance area.

The current challenge is these data are residing out of Salesforce system.


  1. Review through the files given by BCI and review the data that need to be in Salesforce
  2. Identified the core objects – Project, Firm, Contact, Contact Role
  3. Work through a model to connect these objects as part of Standard/Custom object and link with Opportunity to track any finance information
Related Objects Account, Contact, Project (CO), Opportunity, Opportunity Contact Role
Components Data modelling
Complexity Low

Wedid: Contact to Update Own Information Externally


The company send newsletter to their clients based on the topic they subscribed. From time to time, in order to get the latest update from their client. They will need to send a paper form to the clients. Once the clients update the topics, the admin can then arrange for the newsletter.
Limitation of this system:
  • Current selections of the client is not shown in the form
  • Process is manual and tedious. When the form is submitted, the admin will need to key in the data manually into Salesforce.


  • We have created a flow like below:
    1. The admin will select the target audiences and perform a mass email
    2. Each contact (client) will receive a personalised form with their existing selections of topic
    3. Once the form is updated, the information will be updated into Salesforce
Related Objects Leads and Contacts
Components Email Template, Form Engine
Complexity Moderate

Wedid: Mentoring Programme Using Partner Community


A non-profit organisation requires the help from the mentors from different non-profit organisations to assist the less fortunate community in search for course placement and job placement. However, they may not access any internal information. The mentors need certain record visibility such as:
  • contact records
  • opportunity records
  • placement records
  • pathways for each contact


  • Chatter feature for better collaboration
  • To create a community with shared information related to any course/job placements
  • Extend SF accessibility to more users

Related Objects Account, Contact, Opportunity, Custom Object
Components Partner Community, Chatter
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Automated Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) Calculations


The IPART has a specific formula for the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) to calculate Energy Savings Certificates (ESC). The company needs to capture the baseline lighting system (current) and compare it with the upgraded lighting system (proposed). The current calculation is done using excel and it poses some challenges:

  • the calculation is not accurate because not all scenarios are considered
  • not extensible
  • difficult to track the itemised calculations


  • Capture current and new lighting system in Salesforce
  • Calculate saved MWH and ESC
  • Calculate the estimated ESC money value and prepare a ROI report to end customer in quote

Related Objects Opportunity, Quote, Custom Object
Components Apex Class, Apex Trigger, Visualforce Page, Data Model Design
Complexity Complex

Wedid: Managing Reseller Accessibility Using Partner Community


The resellers of the business organisation are currently using the following model to track the inventory and price of the products.

Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 1
Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 2
Business organisation <- sends/retrieves inventory spreadsheet -> Reseller 3

The above model requires:

  • manual entries between the resellers and business owner
  • constant update to the spreadsheet whenever a purchase order is made


  • Setup Salesforce Community
  • Design data model to:
    • Extend SF components to resellers via Partner community
    • Allow the tracking of the purchase order for respective resellers
    • Automate stocking process when inventory is low
Related Objects Custom Object
Components Partner Community
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Automate Installation Job from Closed Opportunity


The business organisation runs an electrical appliance shop. The typical sales cycle for this business includes:

  • sales to convert leads to account/opportunities
  • sales to close won successful opportunities
  • coordinator to receive a notification from sales
  • coordinator to manually create an installation record (custom object) and link to the closed won opp to track on the status
  • coordinator to manually update the installation status back to opportunity upon completion

Some additional challenges,

  • the coordinator must not see all data related to the sales figures for the opportunity
  • the coordinator only has Force.com App Subscription license (no access to Opportunity object)


  • Create separate data model for job installation
  • Automate the job to create the installation record via a button ‘Create Installation Job’
  • Provide validation to ensure only one installation record is created per Opportunity

Related Objects Opportunity, Custom Object
Components Apex Trigger, Apex Class, Visualforce Page, Custom Button
Complexity Medium