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Integrating to SmartTurn

URL http://www.smartturn.com/
Description Online Inventory/Warehouse Management System
API Yes, [PDF]
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol SOAP
Data Format XML
Authentication Basic SmartTurn Authentication (requires Username and Password)
API Limits N/A
Sample Use Case Netsuite Sales Order > Creates > SmartTurn Sales Order
Netsuite Purchase Order > Creates > SmartTurn Purchase Order
SmartTurn Shipment > Creates > Netsuite Item Fulfillment
SmartTurn Receipt  > Creates > Netsuite Item Receipt
F2I 3.3/5

Integrate Netsuite with SmartTurn (RedPrairie On-Demand WMS)

When you are using SmartTurn (RedPrairie On-Demand WMS) to manage your warehouses’ item inventory and Netsuite to manage your Sales,  you may find that it is hard to ensure the items inventory quantity as well as your product transaction are match across both systems especially when you have different teams managing the records in different systems.
Why not consider integrating these systems so that the item inventory are automatically sync with one another seamlessly?
Following flow diagram illustrates some example of the object relationships between the target (SmartTurn) and the source (Netsuite) instance once they entered an integrated environment:-
More information on how we did it can be found here.

Red Prairie On-Demand WMS Integration: Warehouse and Time Zones Setting

In SmartTurn, you are allowed to have multiple warehouses in different time zone. For example:
We can create a Warehouse in GMT-8 time zone while our organization time zone is using GMT-4. (See below)
Lets look at how this setup would affect your result when querying you query a Sales Order using the Web Services API.
For example, we have a Sales Order, SO-000194 created in Warehouse 2.
If we query the record by SO number, thre response will return the Sales Order with the date/time referring to the Company’s Time Zone:-

<lookUpSalesOrderResponse xmlns="http://www.smartturn.com/services/OccamService/sales-order">
      <ns2:salesOrders xmlns:ns2="http://www.smartturn.com/services/lookup-types">
        <ns3:number xmlns:ns3="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">SO-000194</ns3:number>
        <ns23:createdDate xmlns:ns23="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">2012-06-15T12:28:36.140Z</ns23:createdDate>
        <ns24:lastModifiedDate xmlns:ns24="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">2012-06-15T13:16:27.028Z</ns24:lastModifiedDate>

If we query the record by SO number AND WarehouseName , the Sales Order returns the result accordingly but with the date/time referring to the Warehouse’s Time Zone instead:-
<lookUpSalesOrderResponse xmlns="http://www.smartturn.com/services/OccamService/sales-order">
    <ns2:salesOrders xmlns:ns2="http://www.smartturn.com/services/lookup-types">
      <ns3:number xmlns:ns3="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">SO-000194</ns3:number>
      <ns23:createdDate xmlns:ns23="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">2012-06-15T08:28:36.140Z</ns23:createdDate>
      <ns24:lastModifiedDate xmlns:ns24="http://www.smartturn.com/services/sales-order-types">2012-06-15T09:16:27.028Z</ns24:lastModifiedDate>

SmartTurn Integration: Purchasing and Inventory Control

Not long ago, we have talked how can integration helps in the SmartTurn Order Fulfillment process.  This time around, let’s us talk about another process that SmartTurn can handle, Purchasing and Inventory Control.

We can integrate SmartTurn with an ERP system, let us take an example of integrating SmartTurn and Netsuite:

1. User can create a purchase order in Netsuite for purchasing items.

2. The purchase order will then be created in SmartTurn automatically.

3. Once the user received the goods, a receipt will be created in SmartTurn and the inventory status will also be updated.

4. This will then update the status of the purchase order and a receipt will be created in Netsuite automatically.

Below is a diagram illustrates the above scenario:

Besides integrating with ERP system, SmartTurn can also be integrated with accounting system, E-Commerce system and etc. You can save time and effort by automating the inventory status update between the systems, automate purchase order creation when inventory is running low.

SmartTurn Integration: Order Fulfillment

SmartTurn is a very good warehouse management system. It has features which cover from item purchasing to item shipping, within these processes, item inventory/warehouse status will be automically updated.

So how can integration help? Let’s talk about one of the features that we can perform in SmartTurn, Order Fulfillment. Here is one scenario:

1. I am managing a clothing wholesale business, a customer has ordered 200 items from my company. Within these 200 items, 100 will be shipped to location A, 50 will be shipped to location B, and the rest to location C.

2. If the customer is placing an order through my CRM or eCommerce system. The integration process can synchronise the Sales Order into SmartTurn specifying all the item details and customer’s shipping destinations.

3. SmartTurn will then check the inventory status, if the stock is insufficient, the shipment will be put ‘On Hold’.  If everything goes well, the inventory count will be deducted in SmartTurn. We can then synchronise the latest inventory count to our Accounting System.

Below is a simple diagram illustrating the above scenario:

We can integrate SmartTurn with any other CRM, ERP system or etc. which improve efficiency in order processing and fulfillment. As with the above scenario, updating the customer information and purchasing details, processing the transaction before confirming shipment status and other details.

TIM’s Tip: Magento Integration

if your application is not listed in Magento connect or you need to build a custom integration process, here are some options that you may find helpful:

Magento API

You can access the majority of the modules using the Magento Core API. It supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols.  In addtion you can also create your own API.

Magento Database (Mysql)

If you are connecting to Magento via the database, it’s important to study the relational diagram in advance and understand the dependencies. This approach will be vulnerable if the database schema changes during future upgrades, requiring you to update your integration as well.

Integration Platform

In addition to the approaches described above, you can also integrate to Magento using an integration platform such as Boomi Atomsphere. Boomi uses an XML format to interchange data between applications. This approach results in a robust and easily maintained integration.

Any form of use-case with Magento can be integrated. Here are some use-case scenarios that we have implemented to date:

  • Integrate Mangento with GreatPlains (CRM/ERP)
  • Integrate Mangento with SmartTurn (Inventory Management Software)
  • Integrate Magento with Netsuite (CRM/ERP)
  • Integrate Magento with Salesforce (CRM)

If you need any more details on how to integrate with Magento feel free to contact us.

SmartTurn Integration for Sales Orders

We were first introduced to SmartTurn during our recent work with integrating to eBay – SmartTurn. SmartTurn is considered one of the ‘friendly’ applications to use due to its usability and the fact it’s easy to integrate with. The simple integration interface has enabled us to deliver a few more SmartTurn integration projects for our customers over the last couple of days.

The core of the process is illustrated in the diagram above. All sales orders are saved in a CSV file which is distributed through email. Sales records are retrieved and a SmartTurn sales order is created. Throughout the process there will be email and notification alerts indicating:

  • items that do not exist in SmartTurn
  • errors in creating a Sales Order
  • a list of successfully created Sales Orders

Direct and automated! Interested and keen to get it implemented for your organisation too? Do contact us .

Thanks to www.dryicons.com for the above people icon.

eBay – SmartTurn Integration

We have been approached by numerous customers to integrate eBay and SmartTurn.

The effort to develop the eBay connectivity has paid off as we are now able to sync eBay seller transactions to SmartTurn Sales Orders!

The idea was to ensure that the stock tracking operation is made easy. All items listed in eBay are stored in SmartTurn warehouse inventory system.  For every paid transaction in eBay, a sales order will be created in SmartTurn which will then update the warehouse inventory system.

Using our approach, we can cater for any e-commerce website. With this simplified inventory control,  you will be able to post your item listings in numerous e-commerce websites and use our connector to sync all your sales orders to SmartTurn as a single point of management.

We’re always looking for real customer use-cases, so please feel free to contact us if you have a similar operation running in your organisation.

And if you are interested in knowing the details of our eBay – SmartTurn implementation, please contact us .