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Wedid: Marketo and Infor (Formerly known as Saleslogix) Integration


Customer uses Marketo to track incoming leads that would need to be converted to accounts and contacts respectively in their Infor CRM system. The customer would also like to track all field changes and/or activities that occur in Marketo into Infor as the contact related activities, as well as other custom records being tracked in Marketo at the moment.


Purpose To ensure leads and their respective related records from Marketo are in-sync between Contact in their Infor system.
Applications Marketo
Tool Boomi
Information Marketo Lead > Infor Account/Contact
Infor Account/Contact > Marketo Lead
Marketo Activities > Infor Activities (Custom)
Infor Notes Histories (Custom) > Marketo Notes History (Custom)
Data Formats JSON
Volumes ~100 – 300/day
Process When a new lead is registered in Marketo, the lead record will be in return synced into Infor as Contact with the lead’s company being the Infor account record.
However, when a new contact is created or a contact record is updated in Infor, the information would need to be synced to Marketo as well.
For every change in Marketo Lead (Activities), these trails will need to be synced into Infor as well. Some additional information tracked in Infor (custom object records), needs to be created and tracked in Marketo too.
Schedule ~ 5 minutes
Complexity Medium

Wedid: Sage Saleslogix and Avantgard Integrity Integration


The client is using SalesLogix to handle credit/loan deals. When the deals are approved, the deal (and the deal related information) need to be in return track in the Sungard Avantgard Integrity system



Purpose To sync approved deals from Saleslogix into Avantgard Integrity system.
Applications Sage SalesLogix CRM
Sungard Avantgard Integrity
Versions SalesLogix On-Premise version 8.0.0
Integrity Version 8.4.1
Tool Boomi
Information SalesLogix Deal Roles > Integrity Counter Party
SalesLogix Deal Roles > Integrity BU Exposure Limit
SalesLogix Deal > Integrity Agreement
SalesLogix Deal > Integrity Facility
SalesLogix Deal Tranches and Fees > Integrity Tranche, Fee and Covenant
Data Formats JSON and XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process When a SalesLogix Deal (Custom) is approved, it in return creates an agreement in Integrity. All children information from deal such as contact roles, tranches and fees will create a corresponding Integrity record respectively as well.
Schedule Every 2 minutes
Complexity Medium


Wedid: Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo Integration


The client is using both Sage SalesLogix CRM and Aprimo to handle the sales cycle and marketing. And, they want both of the Sales and the Marketing team always have the updated information.



Purpose The customer records between two systems need to be consistently synced to avoid invalid information and duplicate entry.
Applications Sage SalesLogix CRM
Versions Sage SalesLogix CRM On-Premise
Aprimo (Marketing Studio)
Tool Boomi
Information SalesLogix Company <> Aprimo Account
SalesLogix Contact <> Aprimo Audience Member
Data Formats JSON and XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process SalesLogix Company create/update Aprimo Account (Bi-directional)
SalesLogix Contact create/update Aprimo Audience Member (Bi-directional)
Schedule Every 15 minutes
Complexity Medium

Integrating to Sage SalesLogix CRM


URL http://www.saleslogix.com/
Description CRM
Trial Version with API Access Yes
Protocol REST
Data Format JSON and ATOM XML
Authentication HTTP Basic Authentication
API Limits None
Sample Use Case Aprimo Account > Create/Update > SalesLogix Company
Aprimo Audience Member > Create/Update > SalesLogix Contact
F2I 4.5
Objects/Operations The list of supported objects can be obtained by invoking the URL http://servername:port/sdata/slx/dynamic/-/?format=json. All of the objects support Insert, Update, Query, Get and Delete operation.