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Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA integration trilogy

We have setup a video demo for your benefit to capture the importance of having RIO solution when you have all three applications – Salesforce, RightNow, JIRA, running in your system. The data within these applications will by synced in a way that the respective team in Salesforce, RightNow and JIRA does not have to login to all applications just to re-key the data record.

This video features a business organisation that has a dilemma in running his business operation effectively. Enjoy the show!

ReadyMade Salesforce to QuickBooks integration is out of the oven!

Our ReadyMade integration solutions now includes accounting software QuickBooks.  This adds to our existing list of accounting system integrations such as MYOB and Saasu. Check out the design of the process.

Contact the WDCi team if you would like to know more details about  how QuickBooks integration with Salesforce works, a demo can be easily arranged to show you the automation.

Get the popcorn, sit back, relax and watch our videos.

Sure, they are not going to win any Oscars, but if you’re interested in Salesforce integration to 2 of the most popular accounting packages around, take a look at our Salesforce to Saasu and Salesforce to MYOB ReadyMade integration solutions.  Oh and yeh, you won’t need a big bowl of popcorn cos they only last a few minutes each.

WDCi featured in Talend Newsletter

WDCi is an OEM partner with Talend, the leader in open source integration and ETL.  The Talend ETL tool is used by WDCi in both our consulting and some of our pre-built integration solutions, check out the November edition of the Talend Newsletter .

Many thanks to Solatube for participating as well.  Solatube has worked closely with us to refine one of our solutions (MYOB-Salesforce).  Nothing can replace real use-case details, especially when you are trying to pre-build and package a business process to suit hundreds of organisations.

Update to ReadyMade Salesforce-MYOB integration solution

We have just released a 1.3 version of our Salesforce-MYOB pre-built integration.  The key new features are:

  1. Personal Contacts in Salesforce can now be sync’d to MYOB Cards
  2. The Salesperson name can be captured in Salesforce and transferred to MYOB to include in Sales Orders/Invoices
  3. Duplicate Cards are now handled more gracefully, allowing Salesforce to create duplicate Cards in MYOB

Check out the website for some more detail on how it works.

weblinc implements the Salesforce-Saasu ReadyMade

It’s great to announce a case study with one of our new customers, weblinc.

weblinc engaged WDCi to build and deploy a rapid integration process between salesforce.com and Saasu. We recommended that weblinc employ our ReadyMade Salesforce CRM/ Saasu Widget in order to get into production, fast.

weblinc now has available an automated bi-directional sync of data between Salesforce and Saasu.

The full case study can be found here.