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Microsoft Dynamics AX integration

Dynamics AX integration may seem like a daunting task. Suppose that you have a SaaS based Sales Automation tool like Salesforce, or a CRM system like Netsuite or RightNow. Integration in real or near real time to your AX Financial system could provide huge benefit to your business.

WDCi have recently integrated to Dynamics AX using Boomi technology and a web Services connector that we created for the task. Integration of Accounts, Contacts, Sales Orders etc is certainly possible, and within reach of SME clients, not just Large Enterprise.

If you would like more information contact us at WDCi

Integrating with Boomi, hear our customers @ Dreamforce

Hear Amrith Nambiar from Mindjet talk about running integration in a 100% cloud environment and Bill Vanderwall from Scientific Learning on integrating in a hybrid cloud and on-premise environment:

Some interesting take aways:

  • Nate Bride talks about the Boomi community approach and gives a plug to the WDCi built JIRA connector that is available via the Boomi public atomsphere – thanks Nate.
  • Bill talks about selecting Boomi over Cast Iron due to the user interface but most importantly due to the Total Cost of Ownership – Boomi is more affordable.
  • Both Bill and Amrith talk about the complexity of bidirectional integration of data, ie which system is the master and how to ensure data integrity in this model.
  • Amrith’s 4 keys to success:
  1. Focus on the business process.
  2. Limit your scope to only what systems are needed for your first project.
  3. Get the right partner (thanks Amrith).
  4. Accept that the interfaces/integration processes will be tuned over time –  don’t expect to build out everything in the first phase if you have complex or dependent business processes.
  • Amrith mentions the custom reporting and error handling infrastructure we have put in place to enable Mindjet to check and validate synchronised data between Salesforce and Netsuite.
  • At the end of the recording, you can hear Walter Dewildt from WDCi answer a question on how to decide if you should push volumes of data to your target application or simply expose data in the source and retrieve as necessary.

Want to know more, check out the Mindjet case study http://www.boomi.com/customers/success/standardizing-back-office-application-integrations-minimal-it-support

Mindjet goes live with Salesforce-Netsuite integration

We recently had the opportunity to work with Mindjet and deliver their Netsuite-Salesforce integration using the Boomi Atomsphere platform.

It was a grueling task with a large data migration effort as well as several bidirectional integration processes due in a very short time frame (5 weeks).  Since completing the project we’ve gone on to implement a robust support and monitoring system to enable us and Mindjet to easily monitor and manage their integrations anytime, anywhere.

There’s some more detail in the Boomi blog, it was a big team effort with a dedicated customer that knew their business processes well and a platform that’s perfect for SaaS integration – thanks everyone, it’s time for pina coladas all round.

Cloudforce Melbourne & Sydney – 2 great events

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at Cloudforce in Melbourne and Sydney.  With over 600 in Melbourne and more than 1000 in Sydney, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Boomi and PingIdentity for sponsoring the booth with us.  We had a great time having the Ping guys on our booth in Sydney.

Here’s a few shots from the events:

People crowding to get to our booth 🙂

Walter at our booth:

Donal with Andrew Hindle from PingIdentity at our booth: