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Salesforce: Forecast Data Model

This article will give you a rough idea on the big picture of how Forecast data model looks like.

forecast model

From the model above, those objects in green box is the main object for Forecasting where those in blue box are objects that is working in the back end of the whole process ( Only shown in query / extract function in data loader) .

So what are these objects for?

Lets start from Quota.

  • Forecasting Quota: An object which stores quota amount for all users.
  • ForecastingAdjustment: When the Forecast Adjustment function is enabled, any adjusted information from the manager will be stored here.
  • ForecastingItem: This object is used to store information related to the Forecast Category.
  • ForecastingFact: This object is useful to show Forecasting history. It stores all records including deleted ones.

In a nut shell, the data model actually shows where adjusted data is being stored at and where historical forecast data can be retrieved from. Most importantly, how they interrelates with each other.  With the understanding of this data model, it is easier for users to build report types for reporting purposes, too.




Salesforce Forecast Type: Opportunity Revenue

Running a company that sells furniture, the CEO Mr. John would like to use Salesforce Forecast to view all Opportunity revenue quarterly.
An example of how the Forecast view look like:
Forecast Opp Revenue
From the view above, Mr.John can see which quarter has failed to  meet the targeted quota in year 2013.
If Mr.John expands the view for each quarter, he can also see the sales result of each of his sales team member.

Salesforce Forecast Type: Opportunity Split (Revenue only)

As a property agency, WDCi group it’s sales person in teams. Most of the time, team member in each team will team up to handle one sale process.
WDCi has implemented Opportunity split to keep track of the team members who teamed up in handling one particular Opportunity.
Each team member can now use Forecast to see how much profit they have earned from the sharing Opportunity in each quarter.
An example of how the Forecast view look like:
opp split

Salesforce: Forecast Types

In Spring’14 release, Salesforce introduced a new Forecast ability called Forecast Types. Forecast Types allow users to be able to view more detailed sales information in different angle. Below are the types available :

  1. Forecasting Opportunity Revenue
  2. Forecasting Opportunity Quantity/Unit
  3. Forecasting Opportunity Split (Revenue only)
  4. Forecasting Product Family Revenue
  5. Forecasting Product Family Quantity/Unit

Click on above types to see example scenarios and when to use them.

Defining Forecast Types: In forecast settings, you will have to define Forecast Type.

See this documentation on how to do it: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=forecasts3_enabling_data_sources.htm&language=en_US

Salesforce: Forecasting & Opportunity

Forecast is somehow related to Opportunity. Here’s some descriptions on their relationship:

In the Opportunity object, there is a picklist field name ‘Forecast Category‘.

1) Assign Opportunity Stages with Forecast Category:

To define opportunity stages with forecast category, go to Setup | Customize | Opportunity | Fields | Stages )
FC category

Assign particular stage with required forecast category.

Once step #1 is done, Opportunity will appear in Forecast based on their category.

FC cat 2

2. Forecast Adjustment:

Enabling Forecast Adjustment allows Forecast users to adjust Opportunity Amount in the Forecast page view.

Only selected users as Managers can perform this action ( Setup | Customize | Forecast | Settings ).


Once enabled adjustment, selected users should be set as manager(s).

! Take note that Forecast Hierarchy somehow inherit
s the organization’s Role Hierarchy. But it will not effect the Role Hierarchy.


With this hierarchy set, Managers are able to adjust subordinate’s Forecast but NOT his / her own Forecast information.

Adjustment in Forecast applies to adjusting opportunity amount displayed in Forecast. But this does not mean that it will effect the real amount in the Opportunity.

! Adjustment is for forecasting estimation purposes only.

With Forecast Adjustment enabled, there is some symbols to represent adjusted information by either one manager or more and etc.