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Salesforce Community: Self Registration Considerations

Salesforce Community provides self registration feature so that external user could register for a login if require.


If you are interested to enable this option (From Setup, click Customize | Communities | All Communities, then click Manage next to the community name.), consider if your business require the person account feature so that a self registered personnel will be tracked as a person account in Salesforce.

If person account is not an option for you, you would need to consider implementing a dedicated account being used so that all self registered personnel will be treated as a contact under this specific account instead.


It is also recommended to ensure the profile that you are assigning to for self registered members have the appropriate permission set. Otherwise, the members may be able to view or edit data that you do not want them too.

Happy testing!

Salesforce: Implementing Partner Community

Business organisations that plan to setup community users can use the following checklist as a requirement guideline for the initial setup. This is because there are so many considerations in planning the setup that at times it may be difficult to identify the starting point. With the following checklist, at least it will give you a head start that will essentially drive to your main objective to begin with.

  • Do you have the required community license within your SF organisation?
  • Identify the list of users to be made community users
  • Which object records do you plan to share with your community users?
  • Preempt the record visibility amongst the community users
  • Identify the features such as (Knowledgebase, Chatter Answer) that may be necessary for the community users
  • Is report sharing a necessity for the community users?

With the above checklist, we hope that it will get you going with ease.

Wedid: Salesforce Community Customisation


Customer would like to host a community forum in Salesforce which allows customers to discuss and contribute ideas by using Salesforce Chatter function. They also would like to consolidate the information that they have in the website to the community forum.


The Salesforce Visualforce page is used to build a custom webpage for the community forum. The Visualforce page also embed with the Chatter functionality so that customers can collaborate with each other.

Related Objects Account
Custom Object
Chatter Topic
Components Visualforce Page
Apex Class
Salesforce Community
Complexity High