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Wedid: Mentoring Programme Using Partner Community


A non-profit organisation requires the help from the mentors from different non-profit organisations to assist the less fortunate community in search for course placement and job placement. However, they may not access any internal information. The mentors need certain record visibility such as:
  • contact records
  • opportunity records
  • placement records
  • pathways for each contact


  • Chatter feature for better collaboration
  • To create a community with shared information related to any course/job placements
  • Extend SF accessibility to more users

Related Objects Account, Contact, Opportunity, Custom Object
Components Partner Community, Chatter
Complexity Medium

Salesforce: Chatter Email Notification

Chatter is a built in tool for an organization to exchange information internally or externally (with partners). Just like any social application, Chatter can email notify user/s when someone posted new topic or commented on your post.

When will email notification be triggered?

1) Using ‘Follow’ feature.

When a user follows on certain event, the user will receive email notification when there is new updates on what is being followed. For example, following someone in Salesforce (including contacts) or a particular topic.

2) Group Member

When a group is created, members added into a group will receive email notification when someone posted something to the group.

3) Hash (#) tags

Hash (#) tags are used to notify someone when they are being mentioned in a particular comment or post.


In some situation, not necessarily that we will need to follow certain event to get notified. The person who post a topic can notify everyone if a group is created with everyone added as member:


While posting, click to select to show the post to only followers or a group and people who follow you or people in the group will receive email notification.

Email Notification Settings

You can also define when to receive email notification, go to My Settings -> Chatter -> Email Notifications:


Wedid: Salesforce Community Customisation


Customer would like to host a community forum in Salesforce which allows customers to discuss and contribute ideas by using Salesforce Chatter function. They also would like to consolidate the information that they have in the website to the community forum.


The Salesforce Visualforce page is used to build a custom webpage for the community forum. The Visualforce page also embed with the Chatter functionality so that customers can collaborate with each other.

Related Objects Account
Custom Object
Chatter Topic
Components Visualforce Page
Apex Class
Salesforce Community
Complexity High