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The New RIO Inventory 3.2

Hello folks, thanks for your support with RIO Inventory all these years. We are pleased to present to you our latest release, version 3.2. You asked and we delivered, this release now has the following important features:

  • Inventory batching
  • Serialised inventory
  • Picking slips
  • Ability to transfer inventory between warehouses

These features allow you to manage your inventory better in Salesforce, especially when it comes to multiple warehouses inventory management. Feel free to take a look at this page for more details on how this can help with your daily inventory management.

If you are new, don’t worry. You can always install the app into your sandbox or developer instance via AppExchange and feel the zen.

For more other goodies in 3.2, please visit our release notes.  Want new features?  Please let us know, you can contact us at support@wdcigroup.net.

Wedid: Tracking Project Billable and Non-billable Time


Our customer’s project lifecycle is tracked in two systems. Salesforce is used as project stage tracking to follow through the stages from lead project to active project and eventually closed project. Another time management application is used for project milestone and task to track work delivery. This information is important to:

  • issue invoice to their clients based on the billable time of the project
  • track the billable/non-billable hours of their staff

The user has to log into both systems to get a full project status.


Track project life cycle status within one Salesforce system 

Related Objects Standard/Custom object
Components Appexchange + Apex Customisation
Complexity Complex