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Need your Salesforce Inventory linked to Xero or Saasu?

Want to load data from Xero or Saasu?

We’ve added more functionality to our highly successful product, RIO Readymade Inventory Plus. You can now transfer data from Xero or Saasu to RIO Readymade Inventory Plus.

Can I use other csv data files?

Yes! The program can also handle any csv file in the required format.

How does it work?

  1. Send us an email at support@wdcigroup.net and we’ll send you the job.
  2. The upsert uses Skyvva data loader. Skyvva can be downloaded for free.
  3. Install Skyvva (this app is available on Appexchange).
  4. Install our job
  5. Download the data from Xero/Saasu
  6. Follow the instructions to upload your data to Salesforce.

What if I need some help?

Videos and documentation are available here.

Build on Salesforce features. Can I automate it?

Subscribe to Skyvva and you can email the data to automate the process

Salesforce Report: Product Sales by Industry

Report Name: Product Sales by Industry
Purpose: To list out all products in closed won deals of the previous fiscal year by industries.
Related Records: Products of previous fiscal year.
Benefit: With this report, the organisation will be able to have a quick look at the products sales results of previous fiscal year based on industries. This report may assist them in evaluating the level of product acceptance among different industries.

Checkout our RIO ReadyMade Report to own this report and other reports that may be of your interest!

Salesforce Report: Converted Leads

Report Name: Converted Leads by Lead Source
Purpose: To list out all the converted leads for current fiscal year based on lead source.
Related Records: Converted lead records for current fiscal year.
Benefit: Marketing team will be able to fully utilise this report in order to assist them in lead generation trend studies and set up the right strategies. e.g identifying the most efficient lead source and set priorities.

Checkout our RIO ReadyMade Report to own this report and other reports that may be of your interest!

weblinc implements the Salesforce-Saasu ReadyMade

It’s great to announce a case study with one of our new customers, weblinc.

weblinc engaged WDCi to build and deploy a rapid integration process between salesforce.com and Saasu. We recommended that weblinc employ our ReadyMade Salesforce CRM/ Saasu Widget in order to get into production, fast.

weblinc now has available an automated bi-directional sync of data between Salesforce and Saasu.

The full case study can be found here.

Business Catalyst to MYOB integration

Working on a ReadyMade for Business Catalyst -> MYOB Accounting for cash sales, here’s the basic process:

Business Catalyst to MYOB integration

This is in response to requests to automate the entry of ecommerce sales into MYOB, eliminating the need to manually key in each invoice.  It takes about 2-3 minutes for each invoice to be manually entered into MYOB, for companies entering even 20 invoices this can be painful.

We should be ready to test in early October, let us know if you are interested to participate in our beta cycle?

If you are interested in different Business Catalyst or MYOB integrations that we don’t have on our website, then why not suggest them to us and we can do some research and blog about our plans and findings.