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Storagecraft Connects CRM & Financials to Accelerate Cash Flow and Eliminate Manual Data Entry


StorageCraft utilises Salesforce to manage their sales cycle and Quickbooks to manage their finances. With no link between
the two, and a large volume of transactions, StorageCraft had duplication of information and a lack of automation in their
business processes from order to cash. The solution needed to cater for the B2B component of the business and the
Salesforce customisations they had put in place to manage their non-standard sales process in a channel model.


StorageCraft selected WDCi and with their recommendation, the Boomi platform. The existing Quickbooks and Salesforce connectors for the Boomi platform would ensure a rapid implementation time.

Read more in the PDF linked below.

Wedid: QuickBooks to Salesforce


Purpose Migrate data from Quickbooks to Salesforce
Applications Quickbooks
Versions QuickBooks Premier 2009/2010
Salesforce Spring’10
Tool XML and CSV export
Information Customer
Invoice/Sales Order
Inventory Item
Data Formats XML and CSV
Volumes < 4,000 records
Error Handling Write failed data to external file for further cleansing, fix and reload.
Complexity Simple


Wedid: Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration


Customer uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and QuickBooks as their accounting system. When Opportunities are “Closed Won” in Salesforce an Order or invoice was created manually in QuickBooks. In addition the Customer and Product information is not in sync between the two systems.



Purpose Automate the invoice creation, product and contact synchronisation.
Applications QuickBooks 2009/10
salesforce.com CRM
Versions QuickBooks 2009/10
Tool Salesforce-QuickBooks ReadyMade
Information Salesforce Accounts > Quickbooks Company
QuickBooks Items > Salesforce Products
Salesforce Opportunity > QuickBooks Order/Invoice
QuickBooks Order/Invoice Number > Salesforce Opportunity (Invoice Number)
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 15/day
Process When an Opportunity is in the “Closed Won” stage in Salesforce, an order or invoice is automatically created in QuickBooks. Items in QuickBooks are created and updated as Products in Salesforce.
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling All errors are handled inside Salesforce.
The user can choose to configure the email alert to receive email error notifications.
Complexity Simple


QuickBooks Integration: Retrieving Custom Field Values in qbxml

QuickBooks allows us to create custom fields. Sometimes we are required to retrieve the custom fields in the integration process.

So how do we want to get the custom field values out of an object using qbXML?
We will need to set the OwnerID to 0 in the request.

For example, we perform an ItemServiceQuery request with the following request:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

In return, we will receive the following response including the custom fields and their values:

<ItemQueryRs requestID="2" statusCode="0" statusMessage="Status OK" statusSeverity="Info">

Integrating to QuickBooks Desktop

URL http://quickbooks.intuit.com/
Description On-Premise Accounting Software
API Yes, http://developer.intuit.com/qbsdk-current/Common/newOSR/index.html
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol REST and SOAP
Data Format XML
API Limits N/A
Sample Use Case Salesforce Opportunity > Creates > QuickBooks Transaction (Invoice, Sales Order, etc.)QuickBooks Item > Creates/Updates > Salesforce ProductSalesforce Account/Contact > Creates/Updates > QuickBooks Customer
F2I 3.5

Integrating to Quickbooks Online

URL http://quickbooks.intuit.com/
Description Online Accounting Software
API Yes, http://developer.intuit.com/qbsdk-current/Common/newOSR/index.html
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol REST
Data Format XML
API Limits N/A
Sample Use Case Salesforce Opportunity > Creates > QuickBooks Transaction (Invoice, Sales Receipt, etc.)
QuickBooks Item > Creates/Updates > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Account/Contact > Creates/Updates > QuickBooks Customer
F2I 3.5

StorageCraft realises rapid ROI through integration of Salesforce and Quickbooks

StorageCraft required a custom solution to integrate their unique sales and distribution model in Salesforce to their Quickbooks accounting package.

They knew their requirements didn’t fit anything out-of-the-box but they didn’t want a complex project with a matching price tag either.

The solution provided for the automatic sync of Products and Accounts plus Invoice creation from Opportunities.

This rapid solution has freed them up from hours of manual processing.  For more details check out the case study.

Thanks to Richard, Claire and the StorageCraft team for working with us to make this a success.

ReadyMade Salesforce to QuickBooks integration is out of the oven!

Our ReadyMade integration solutions now includes accounting software QuickBooks.  This adds to our existing list of accounting system integrations such as MYOB and Saasu. Check out the design of the process.

Contact the WDCi team if you would like to know more details about  how QuickBooks integration with Salesforce works, a demo can be easily arranged to show you the automation.