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Case Study: Upskilled saves time and reduces data errors with Salesforce-MYOB Integration


When you’re a start-up with a staff of two people, the last thing you need is to spend two hours a day keying the exact same data into two different, unconnected applications. As soon as Upskilled found itself doing that, it researched integration tools and implemented the one that solved the problem completely and delivered the most value: WDCi’s ReadyMade ETL solution, Powered by Talend.


WDCi Group helped Upskilled implement the ReadyMade ETL tool, a pre-built integration solution that WDCi developed through an OEM partnership with Talend. ReadyMade ETL solutions use Talend to deliver rapid, low-cost integration solutions for organizations of
all sizes.

Read more on the case study.


Wedid: MYOB to Salesforce


Purpose Migrate data from MYOB to Salesforce
Applications MYOB
Versions AccountRight Premier v19
Salesforce Spring’10
Tool CSV Export and Database
Information Customer Card
Data Formats Database and CSV
Volumes < 5,000 records
Error handling Write failed data to external file for further cleansing, fix and reload.
Complexity Simple


Wedid: MYOB and Business Catalyst Integration


The user is having difficulties to ensure customer’s information and invoices in MYOB are up-to-date when a sales is closed via the company’s website.



Purpose Ensure that the customer information and invoice records are automated and synced into MYOB from website sales (Business Catalyst)
Applications MYOB Accounting Premier
Business Catalyst
Versions MYOB Version 19.0
Business Catalyst
Tool Business Catalyst – MYOB ReadyMade
Information Business Catalyst Contact > MYOB Customer
Business Catalyst Order > MYOB Invoice
Data Formats Business Catalyst XML to MYOB Database
Volumes ~20/day
Process Create/Update Order from Business Catalyst to MYOB
Create/Update Contact from Business Catalyst to MYOB
Schedule Configurable
Complexity Low/Medium/High


Wedid: MYOB and database.com Integration


To be able to synchronize the on-premise MYOB records to database.com, a hosted environment for easier access.



Purpose Synchronize MYOB records into database.com
Applications MYOB Accounting Premier
Versions MYOB Version 19.0
Tool Talend
Information MYOB Items > database.com Items Object
MYOB Cards > database.com Contacts Object
Data Formats MYOB database to database.com SOAP XML
Volumes 10000/day
Process Create/Update active items from MYOB to database.com
Create/Update contact from MYOB to database.com
Schedule Hourly or configurable
Complexity Medium


Wedid: Salesforce and MYOB Integration


When Opportunities were won in Salesforce there was a manual entry of the Customer details into the MYOB accounting system and a manual update of the Salesforce Opportunity with the Invoice details from MYOB.

This resulted in data errors and inconsistency, as well as consuming a considerable amount of time for the accounting staff involved.



Purpose Eliminate manual data entry of MYOB orders from Salesforce Opportunities.
Automatically update Salesforce Opportunities with MYOB Invoice numbers.
Applications MYOB Accounting Premier
Salesforce.com CRM
Versions MYOB v12.5
Tool Salesforce-MYOB ReadyMade <Demo>
Information Salesforce Account > MYOB Card
MYOB Item > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Opportunity > MYOB Order/Invoice
MYOB Order/Invoice Number > Salesforce Opportunity (Order/Invoice Number)
Data Formats No intermediate data format, Salesforce XML to MYOB database.
Volumes < 10/day
Process When Opportunities are closed within Salesforce, a MYOB order is created. Update the Salesforce Opportunity with the Invoice number from MYOB.
Schedule Hourly
Complexity Simple


MYOB: Problem accessing unregistered company file

We encountered an MYOB error saying “[MYOB ODBC] – This company file has not been registered for ODBC Access.” when installing one of our ReadyMade product, RIO Finance desktop client for our customer.

After contacting the MYOB support, we realized that the customer has to contact MYOB team to enable the ODBC access feature in their company file. The customer will still have to do it even though we have the MYOB developer key (which can be obtained by joining the MYOB Partner program) which can read and write information into a company file.

Integrating to MYOB AccountRight


URL http://myob.com.au/
Description On-premise Accounting Application
Trial Version with API Access Yes.
Protocol Microsoft ODBC
Data Format SQL and Stored Procedures
Authentication MYOB user and password authentication and/or partner OEM key (if requires writing to MYOB)
API Limits No limit.
Sample Use Case Salesforce Opportunity > Creates/Updates > MYOB Sales Order or Invoice
MYOB Item > Creates/Updates > Salesforce Product
Salesforce Account/Contact > Creates/Updates > MYOB Customer Card
F2I 2.9

MYOB Integration: AccountRight 2011 ODBC connection error

Recently I was helping my development team to do some testing of our Salesforce-MYOB ReadyMade product to see if it is compatible with the latest ODBC driver “MYOB_AccountRight_2011” released by MYOB.

After installing the ODBC driver in my machine, I created a new System DSN with the ODBC driver. As soon as I clicked on the “Test Configuration” button to test the connection, I received a popup message as shown below:

The same error can also be found in the MYOB ODBC log file (the log file is located in <MYOB AccountRight 2011 installation folder>/ODBC_Inst/Logging/OpenAccessSDK60_Net_xxxxxxxx.log):

SQLDRV :  [TID: 1EF8]:[Fri Aug 17 12:09:16.015 2012] ndam.cpp:2850: [IP] Error 0: There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:6961/GatewayService.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.
SQLDRV :  [TID: 1EF8]:[Fri Aug 17 12:09:16.015 2012] net_drv.cpp:560: Error from ipConnect()
SQLDRV :  [TID: 1EF8]:[Fri Aug 17 12:09:16.016 2012] damdrv.c:615: sqldrv_connect(): IP connect() returned error while connecting to datasource:Test

I couldn’t find more information about this error in the Internet, but fortunately I am able to find out the root cause. I realized that MYOB has installed a Windows service named “MYOB AccountRight Server 2011.1” in my machine during the installation. This Windwos service acts as a communication bridge between the MYOB Application/ODBC driver and the company file and it has to be “Started” all the time. Otherwise, you will encounter the error mentioned above and you won’t be able to launch the MYOB AccountRight application correctly.

Hopefully this helps those who encounters the same issue!

Extracting Data from MYOB : Total Sales

There are ways to extract data like total sales from MYOB (Database) and generate this data into useful information for the company. Here is one of the ways.

First, we may need to query all the sales data from MYOB by filtering them by type of invoice.

The next step, we can sum up the total amount of all these invoices of this type (credit). By doing this, it will return you the total account receivable.

In addition, we can acquire the sum of the overdue invoices from data mentioned above. In order to achieve this, we will have to compare each of the invoices by their due dates to the current date.