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Bringing Together CRM And Student Management System

In the education industry, it’s not always easy to incorporate the applications in used to work for your business model. We have seen many situations where there is a need to bring together both the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SMS (Student Management System) applications. The following scenario can be quite common within the industry which includes Registered Training Organisations (RTO):

  • there is one side to the business that allows you to track the sales pipeline on the number of students
  • there is one side to the business that allows you to report on enrolled students and compliance requirements

The solution we have implemented ensures that:

  • the information within both applications are available to one another
  • data flow automation between both applications
  • extensive reporting coverage

If you would like to know more about how you can seamlessly connect your CRM application (i.e. Salesforce) and your student management system (i.e. JobReady), check out our latest case study addition on our website!

JobReady: Introducing New Query Parameters For Enrolment Resource

There are two new query parameters available that will help to retrieve a more precise range of record related to the creation/update of the unit scope within enrolment. The parameters are:

  • unit_updated_since
  • unit_created_since

The parameter unit_updated_since retrieves enrolment records where at least one of the unit scopes is updated since the specified date and time. If no unit scope has been updated since the date time, regardless whether the enrolment has been updated, no records will be retrieved.

Here is an example of the usage. Do note that the highlighted unit scope is updated within the specified date time.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The unit_created_since parameter has the same behavior. The only difference is the date time range is based on unit scope’s creation date.

JobReady: Web Service Authentication

JobReady uses HTTP Basic Authentication for web service authentication. The authentication will utilise the following:

  • api as username
  • API key

The API key can be located at Setup > Configuration > RTO Preferences > RTO (sidebar) > Integration > JobReady Open Integration (as shown in the following screenshot). If a company subscribes to multiple RTOs, the user must select the correct API key of the RTO that needs to be connected to. In addition, this API key is shared organisation wide.

JobReady Tips: Creating Events

In the JobReady(JR) webservice, the event resource object is exposed so that events can be created under a course or within a system timetable. To fulfill the criteria of a successful event creation, the following fields are mandatory:

  • title
  • event-date
  • start-time
  • end-time

Besides the field criteria, there is also a behavioural criteria to be met if a trainer needs to be associated into the event. For example, the following request schema would produce an error.

Request Profile:

  <title>Last Event</title>
  <description>Sample Description</description>

Error Response:

<message>Validation failure</message>
<message>Please ensure the event's trainer is also an attendee.</message>

In order to overcome the above error, the sequence of steps to follow are:

  1. create the JR event without the trainer association
  2. create the JR invitee within the event created in #1 for the trainer (uses party-identifier for the party(person))
  3. update the JR event from #1 with the trainer (uses party-identifier for the party(person))