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Need your Salesforce Inventory linked to Xero or Saasu?

Want to load data from Xero or Saasu?

We’ve added more functionality to our highly successful product, RIO Readymade Inventory Plus. You can now transfer data from Xero or Saasu to RIO Readymade Inventory Plus.

Can I use other csv data files?

Yes! The program can also handle any csv file in the required format.

How does it work?

  1. Send us an email at support@wdcigroup.net and we’ll send you the job.
  2. The upsert uses Skyvva data loader. Skyvva can be downloaded for free.
  3. Install Skyvva (this app is available on Appexchange).
  4. Install our job
  5. Download the data from Xero/Saasu
  6. Follow the instructions to upload your data to Salesforce.

What if I need some help?

Videos and documentation are available here.

Build on Salesforce features. Can I automate it?

Subscribe to Skyvva and you can email the data to automate the process

Wedid: Oracle Database and Amazon Web Services (SFTP) Integration


Student and courses information from a student management system (via database connection) needs to be extracted into *.csv format and to be loaded into an SFTP server hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which then produces report on student wellness and their engagement.



Purpose To generate csv files which consist of student and courses information and load it into SFTP server.
Applications Oracle database
Versions Oracle database
Tool Boomi
Information Student table (Database) > Students file (CSV)
Course table (Database) > Courses file (CSV)
Data Formats Flat File
Volumes ~10000/day
Process Extract student and course information daily and convert the information to CSV format file.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Low


Wedid: CSV to Salesforce


Purpose Customer was migrating data from several legacy systems.
Data was exported to flat files.
The task was to migrate data from these CSV file formats to Salesforce
Applications Salesforce
Versions Salesforce
Tool Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce
Information Account
Pricebooks (2)
Data Formats CSV and XML
Volumes 5000
Error Handling Write failed data to file for correction then resubmission.
Complexity Moderate
Product data set was complex and required customisations to Salesforce
accommodate customer’s Product requirements.


Wedid: Netsuite to CSV


Purpose Migrate data from Netsuite to CSV file format
Applications Netsuite
Versions Netsuite
Tool XML and CSV Export
Information Customer
General Ledger
Data Formats XML and CSV
Volumes < 1,000,000 records
Error Handling Nil, data was exported to required format only
Complexity Simple


Wedid: CSV upload to SQL Database


Our Financial Services client required daily data uploads of investment related data into their Investment Management System. The data arrived in CSV files that were transferred via FTP each evening and loaded into the MSSQL database. The integration was needed within days with minimum requirements available. The solution needed to be integrated into a larger process and provide detailed error reports for any data issues found in the incoming data files.



Purpose Develop a rapid integration component to read CSV, perform data validation and upload to a database.
Applications Microsoft SQL Server
Versions Microsoft SQL Server 2003
Tool Talend Open Studio
Information Financial data
Data Formats CSV File format
Volumes ~1000 transactions per day
Process The financial data is retrieved from a local or network drive and processed. The validated data is then loaded into the database using stored procedures. The integration has a configurable error threshold after which a database roll-back will be initiated. The calling process is notified of any errors, which are logged in detail in a database table.
Schedule Daily batch processing
Error Handling Custom built logic to handle field and record level validation and update the log table with precise error messages.
Complexity Medium


Wedid: CSV Upload to Salesforce


Customer runs an external system to track client information and updates. This system is due to be phased out in the future, but required integration to Salesforce to ensure Account and Contact information is in sync. 
Without some type of integration, updated client information would not be replicated to Salesforce unless it was manually re-keyed, consuming time and money for the customer.



Purpose The integration process required to parse the CSV file and update Salesforce Account/Contact records.
Applications CSV file and Salesforce
Versions Salesforce
Tool Talend Open Studio
Information Client information – Account and Contact details
Data Formats CSV File Format
Volumes < 100/day
Process The updated Account/Contact details are extracted from the CSV file. The processed data is then updated or inserted into Salesforce Account and Contact fields.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Simple


Wedid: CSV Upload to SmartTurn


The current business process is manual, involving re-keying of data and the opportunity to make mistakes in the process. Daily sales orders need to be automatically entered to the Customer’s warehousing system, SmartTurn. The customer can generate a CSV file containing the orders but needed an integration solution to updating their warehouse system automatically.



Purpose Develop an automatic integration to create sales orders in SmartTurn from the transactions contained in the CSV files.
Applications SmartTurn
Versions SmartTurn
Tool Disk Connector, SmartTurn Connector, Mail Connector
Information CSV Data > Sales Order
Data Formats CSV File Format
Volumes ~ 1000 transactions
Process When the CSV files are uploaded all the fields are validated and a sales order will be created in SmartTurn.
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling Email to nominated contact at client for:

  1. non existing items
  2. error in creating a sales order
  3. success in creating a sales order
Complexity Simple