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WeDid: Generating Bulk Document in Salesforce


The Customer manages their clientele function bookings (i.e. company meetings, birthday party’s, wedding dinners, etc.) within Salesforce. They would like to generate every functions agenda in bulk so they can be distributed to the Staff for reference/preparation prior to the actual events day. The Customer would also like to have the flexibility over defining a range of functions based on date as well as its venue when generating the function’s agenda.


Conga Mail Merge is being proposed as the tool to generate the functions agenda in bulk. Additionally, a page to provide Salesforce users the convenience to define the set of functions to bulk generate and print is set up as well.

Related Objects Account, Conga’s Objects and other related Custom Objects (Functions)
Components Custom Link, Custom Fields, Workflows and Conga
Complexity Moderate

Wedid: Template Auto Send


The users would like to have a mechanism of sending out documents from Salesforce to their clients for signature automatically.

Sample scenario:

When the quote status is set to “Presented”, a PDF quote containing all the relevant information of the quote  including the line items  will be generated and sent to the contact for signature automatically.


  1. Install an app “Conga Composer”.
  2. Install an app “Conga Workflow”.
  3. Install an app “Docusign”.
  4. Create workflow that will be triggered by the quote status.
Related Objects Quote, Quote Line Item
Components/App Conga Composer, Conga Workflow, Salesforce Workflow
Complexity Easy