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Meet The Team – Introducing…. Nat Sullivan

Meet Nat Sullivan the newest member of our team who joined us in September 2017. Nat works out of our Sunshine Coast office and joined the team as a Project Manager.  Lucky for us Nat has a strong background in Salesforce. Nat is currently learning the ropes at WDCi but has 3 Trailhead Super Badges already. 

Tell us more about yourself Nat?

What appealed to you about WDCi?
WDCi offers me the opportunity to work with a great and diverse group of people and learn about different systems, all while working in a beautiful paradise!!

What do you bring to the company?
A combination of customer service, client liaison and Salesforce Systems Administration experience

What are you passionate about?

Where’s your favourite place in the world?
The Beach

What’s 1 professional or personal skill you wish you had more of?

Favourite quote?
Never stop traveling

Meet the team – introducing… Lean!

Meet Zhen Yueh Lean, one of our senior architects.

Lean works out of our Kuala Lumpur office and  joined the team as a pioneer in December 2008.  Lean is our goto person, with skills covering Salesforce architecture, design, development and configuration.  In addition to Salesforce he’s worked extensively with Dell Boomi and Talend.

Tell us about yourself Lean?

What is the best part about working at WDCi?
We have a friendly and helpful working environment.

Top Strength?
Troubleshooting and Development.

What’s 1 professional or personal skill you wish you had more of?
Communication skills.

How was WDCi grown since you started ?
We have been in the process of transforming ourselves throughout the last 9 years from cloud integration to Salesforce and now to a combination of both and a product company. It has been very exciting to see us evolve and improve.

Favourite moment?
My first company trip to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, back in 2013.

Favourite quote?
How hard can it be?