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Sound Property implements Salesforce Customer Community to provide My Portfolio service to Clients

What a great opportunity it was to work with the team at Sound Property Group to deliver a new project, this time focused on their clients.

Sound Property Group is a property investment and education company specialising in sourcing strategic real estate opportunities, tailored to client’s individual needs.  They pride themselves on attention to detail and they were definitely detailed when it came to their plans for Salesforce and how it would benefit their business.

The Challenge
Information sharing with Clients was all handled directly through phone calls, emails and meetings.  This was working fine but really didn’t enable the clients to readily access information when they needed it.

The Clients needed visibility to the up-to-date information, eliminating the need for them to route queries to the team at Sound Property for more information.

They really needed a self-service solution.

The Solution
Following on from their successful roll out of Salesforce in 2015, it was time to add a new feature set, this time focused on the clients.

Sound Property Group chose to implement the Salesforce Customer Community functionality for their My Portfolio,  providing an on-demand solution for clients to access information, anywhere, anytime.

In partnership with WDCi  the Salesforce Customer Community functionality was designed and implemented.   The Community supplies information to Clients and provides a complimentary communication channel through the use of the Questions feature and added ability to communicate with Chatter.

The Benefits

With Salesforce Customer Community, the clients can now self-serve, accessing:

  • Information available anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to store documents
  • Receive notifications from Sound Property
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Communicate with the team in Sound Property using Chatter

Andrew Cull, Sound Property Group MD, noted that “We started our Salesforce journey in 2015, after realising the benefits it brought to internally, we knew it would be the right solution for our Clients information requirements.  We’re confident that the My Portfolio service will provide our Clients with up to date and timely information, allowing us to continue to provide outstanding service .”

Stramit integrates Salesforce & BCI to improve productivity and grow pipeline

Stramit Building Products, part of Fletcher Building is a major Australian manufacturer of roll-formed steel building products, including roof and wall cladding, guttering, fascia, purlins, flooring and structural formwork.

These products, along with complementary products and services, are delivered through a nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres, strategically located to ensure coverage of major metropolitan and regional markets.


Up to date project data is key to driving pipeline and focus.  Prior to implementing this solution, Stramit was dealing with:

  • 4 staff working full-time to parse BCI data manually
  • Routing 1000-3000 projects a week to sales teams
  • Information overload
  • No ability to filter quality project data
  • No ability to link architects and engineers to the multiple projects they are working with


Stramit, as a long-term user of the Salesforce platform, looked to Salesforce to be the application to host the BCI project data.  A design was needed that enabled the data to be captured but also filtered and assigned to the correct parties within Stramit.

Stramit chose WDCi as the implementation partner to plan, customise and deploy the solution as well as make recommendations for tweaks in future releases.  Together we designed and released a successful automation process that included the following key features:

  • Integration between BCI and Salesforce
    • Using Dell Boomi to automate the import of BCI project data
  • Automations in Salesforce to filter this data and route filtered data to the right people
  • Alerts and notifications based on the automations that filter the data
  • Dashboards and reports to monitor the pipeline data


  • Staff freed up to do more productive tasks
  • Timeliness of information
  • Staff are up to date on what they need to work on
  • Scalability

Paul Hahn, National Sales Manager, noted that “This integration between BCI and Salesforce has enabled us to consume large quantities of data efficiently, driving the right activities in our team to grow our pipeline. WDCi has partnered with us to deliver a solution we understand and can tweak ourselves as we make adjustments to our business focus.  It works brilliantly.”

Amnet achieves sales automation with Salesforce


AMNET provides responsible and effective data driven display advertising, performance marketing and brand campaigns. We fuse smart Demand Side Platform technology and data to improve our service delivery to clients by buying highly targeted multi channel media.


Sales Automation was a key challenge for Anmet in early 2015 with many sales processes being handled in outdated tools. Management visibility into new sales and renewals was not accurate which made forecasting revenue difficult and time consuming.  With a complex sales model finding an off the shelf product was not an option, so a solution was required that could be customised to fit the specific needs of the Sales team. The solution needed to be flexible and customisable to handle changes to process and or product as they occur.


The choice of as the leading sales automation platform was not a difficult one. Choosing the right partner who could plan, customise and deploy the initial release was critical. Amnet chose WDCi as the implementation partner. Together we designed and released a successful Sales Automation process that included the following key features:

  • Tracking of Campaigns, Advertisers and Insertion orders
  • Quote templates that were created automatically from the platform
  • Tracking of revenue projections by channel or advertiser
  • Handling rate calculations
  • Automated renewals

Since launch in 2015, Amnet has expanded its use of SalesForce to manage client billing as well as to become the source of truth for all business intelligence for the company.

Vikki Pearce, Head of Commercial ANZ noted that “Salesforce has enabled us, as a rapidly growing and ever-changing business to build a stable and effective platform from which to deliver our business objectives and provide a robust and accurate data set. WDCi have been fantastic in supporting us customise the platform to our needs and as we continue to evolve we hope to continue working together closely.”

Waringa Distribution implements Salesforce for Sales and Asset Tracking

Waringa Distribution ( and    imports, sells and distributes the Agri-Spread range of Spreaders and Elmer’s range of Chaser Bins and Transfer Tracks.

1600 Bushel HaulMaster Agrispreader256


There was a requirement to implement a solution that met the following criteria:

  1. Ability to retire the excel based and access based solution that was in place.
  2. A cloud solution accessible from anywhere.
  3. Ability to track Agri Spreaders and Chaser Bins that are sold by Distributors or sold directly – in multiple countries.
  4. Ability to track machine level detail, including location and warranty details.


Waringa Distribution chose to implement Salesforce.  WDCi was engaged to customise Salesforce to store the above information and provide reporting information on the data in Salesforce.

The recent upgrade to licensing for Professional Edition also allowed for the ability to use record types to segregate sales for AgriSpreaders and Chaser Bins.

The components of the solution were:

  • Salesforce Professional Edition.
  • Customisations to store detailed Machine and Distributor information.
  • The build of a configuration tool to configure the spreader to customer requirements.
  • Tracking of orders from manufacturer to consumer.
  • Asset information, including the tracking of  warranty status for the asset.  
  • Case management to track warranty issues.

Lyndon Crudeli, General Manager of Waringa Distribution noted that “Implementing Salesforce has enabled Waringa Distribution to continue to expand our business and provide a platform that will enable continuous growth to happen.”

Donington realises a rapid ROI for their business with Salesforce Sales Cloud


Implement an enhanced solution for sales automation, customised to match our business process. Deliver an effective solution that will save
time in cost calculations and business reporting.


  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition.
  2. Customisations including:
  • Auto emailing.
  • Program cost calculations.
  • Auto alerts and task creation – with variable due dates.
  • Auto job-number allocations.
  • Reports and dashboards.
Read more on the case study.

Upskilled brings together CRM, sales automation and Student Management with Salesforce


Implement a solution for sales automation and student management, providing a high level of visibility to our pipeline as well as courses, course details, delivery and student attendance.
Deliver a solution that will scale and enable us to grow the business in addition to enhancing our compliance requirements.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition.
  • Integration to JobReady using the Dell Boomi Atomsphere integration platform.
Read more on in the PDF linked below.

WhippleHill uses cloud integration to automate the sync of information between Netsuite and JIRA


Running NetSuite for support and JIRA for development meant there was no connection between Issues in both systems. Product Owners,
Developers, QA Testers, and managers had to check the two separate systems to see the whole picture, often hourly. JIRA users could not see the NetSuite issues on their project boards so they never had a clear picture of everything on their plate. Agile product owners could not size their sprints well because the time-boxed NetSuite work was not accounted for in the sprints. An integrated solution was needed so that the support sta could see this information in Netsuite and development could continue working with JIRA.


A solution was built on the Dell Boomi integration platform. All development and management of the Atom is performed in the cloud and no additional software is required to be installed on-premise. Utilizing Boomi’s NetSuite and JIRA Connectors, WhippleHill’s Netsuite and JIRA issues are able to synchronize seamlessly

Read more on the PDF linked below.


FRC Environmental realises a rapid ROI through the implementation of Salesforce


Implement a solution for sales automation, customised to
match a very specific business process. Deliver a cost-effective solution that will document communication with our clients. Implement a platform that will provide the basis for integration with third party applications in the future.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
Read more on the PDF linked below.

Express Solar implements an end-end solution through Salesforce, Saasu and cloud integration


Implement a solution for sales automation, a solution for accounting and finance and integrate the applications. Deliver a cost-effective solution that will scale and enable rapid response to our customers.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Saasu online accounting
  • WDCi – Salesforce – Saasu Integration Sync

Read more on the PDF linked below.