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Tip of the Week – Dell Boomi Connector Design

Looking at developing a Dell Boomi Connector?  here’s our tips to get you started:

  1. Understand what type of Web Services API the app is using. For example: REST or SOAP, etc. What about the supported document format? XML or JSON?
  2. Most applications have an authentication layer. Some authenticate using BasicAuth, some  use an API Key in the HTTP Request Header, some use OATH. This information should ideally be captured in the Connector Connection. It is highly recommended to encode any password related field for security best practice.
  3. Decide the supported operations. Does the API support QUERY? UPDATE? CREATE?
  4. The browser and schema generation. A Boomi Connector is capable of generating the schema each operation supports. Some applications provide a metadata API that you can connect to and describe the schema on the fly. Some  use a fixed schema.
  5. The final step is to design the Operation. When your Connector receives a response from the API, how do you want to process it? Serve it raw as is or does it need any further manipulation. Error handling should also be considered here.

Salesforce Multi-currency: Automated Conversion Rate Update

In our previous blog, we talked about Advance Currency Management. If you think it is troublesome to update this daily/weekly/monthly, you can automate it by using the following approach:

1) Select a web service that can offer you a daily conversion rate. For example:

This web service will return you the current conversion rate in JSON format. For example:

{"to": "MYR", "rate": 3.0456099999999999, "from": "AUD"}

2) Create an automated job that query the rate daily/weekly/monthly and update it into the DatedConversionRate object. The automated job can be done using Apex Scheduler or Integration framework such as Talend or Boomi.


Wedid:Warranty Service Management using Case


An machinery company sells products to their users directly or via a dealer. When the product has an issue, they will ring up the machinery company. The serial number checking process is manual and not efficient. When a technician is sent on site, a work order/invoice require signature immediately. This is not possible at this moment.


Salesforce case module is customised to relate assets (serial number). From the asset warranty date, they can decide if this repair service should be covered under the warranty. During the site visit, the technician will bring a tablet and generate the work order/invoice on the spot. The customer can sign the work order/invoice on the spot using electronic signature.

Related Objects Asset, Case
Components SDoc, DocuSign, Apex Trigger
Complexity High

Wedid: Address Validation


The new AVETMISS standard requires address entry to be validated by third party address provider. The current addresses in Salesforce do not have any validation. An integration service is required.


When a new address is added or an existing address is updated, the integration service should submit the street, city, postcode, state and country to a third party address services. A result will be returned to confirm if this address is validated.

Purpose Validate Salesforce address with third party address service
Applications Salesforce, Third-party address service
Versions Salesforce Spring’14
Tool Boomi
Information Salesforce Account Address
Salesforce Contact Address
Salesforce Lead Address
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~500/day
Process Validate addresses against third-party address service
Schedule Hourly
Complexity Medium


Salesforce: Migrating Maximizer data

In order to migrate data from Maximizer to Salesforce, the quickest way is to export data from UI.

The address book entries can be exported via Maximizer Button (top-left corner) > Import/Export/Transfer > Export > Address Book Entries

You can either export in CSV format or XML format. The CSV format contains limited information.



If you export it in XML format, you are able to include some child records.


Wedid:Asset Rental Automation


An Art Investment company build portfolio for their investors and rent it out on behalf of them. In order to build the portfolio, different art pieces will be included. The cost/margin of each art piece needs to be calculated. The rental price of each art piece will require calculation too. All calculations are done manually. From time to time, the company loses track of the art piece actual physical location.


Customise Salesforce to handle:

  • Art piece sales
  • Portfolio investment build
  • Art piece rental
  • Agreement Generation
  • Auto calculation for sales/rental price
Related Objects Account, Opportunity, Products, Custom Objects
Components SDocs (Third-party app), Apex Trigger and Data Model Design
Complexity High

Boomi Basic 101: Program Command shape

program-commandYou can use the Program Command shape to execute SQL Statement, Store Procedure and also System Command. The System Command will work in both Windows and Unix platform depending on where the Atom is residing.

Let’s take a look at a simple example:

Picture files will be copied into the following folder:


Based on the extension of the file name, the picture files should be moved into the related directory. This can be done using the Program Command. The process will look like this:

ProgramCommandUsing Program Command shape can invoke command or batch script from your operating system. You can also pass in parameter from the integration process.