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Meet the Team – Andrew

Meet Andrew! Andrew has been with WDCi group for the past 2.5 years starting as Project Management. You will be hearing more from Andrew as he recently moved to focus on Marketing and Alliance. Andrew’s previous background saw him receive 12+ years experience in various product management and management roles. He has also been working IT his whole working life (You rock Andrew) and in his chosen fields- Products management, marketing, and project management.

Andrew is a father of 5 kids. Yes you read that correct, 5 kids. You might think life at Andrews house would be a little wild, a little busy and very noisy. Fortunately for Andrew, he lives on a lifestyle block, which means the kids and animals entertain each other. How does Andrew keep sane? By spending his time enjoying the outdoors, swimming and bike riding with his family. Andrew is a dual citizen.  His favourite destination to travel too with his family is Queenstown. What is there not to love about Queenstown with its eye-popping scenery, so captivating and easy to fall in love with.

Aspirational Quote:

“Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one. Don’t implement promises, but keep them.”  C.S Lewis

Kuala Lumpur Team continue Christmas Tradition

As an organisation, WDCi wants to be involved in the communities we work in – our team in the Kuala Lumpur office each year raise funds and volunteer to show care to vulnerable people.  There will be a number of organisations we help – but we wanted to share our first.

Last Sunday the team visited the Agathians Shelter, which houses young boys and teenagers.  They had raised a total of RM2500 which went toward a special luncheon we organised, groceries and a much need donation to help the Agathians Shelter continue their important and much needed work.

We are proud to have been able to help the Agathian Shelter in this small way.  We will continue to post up on some of the community organisations we will be working with.

You can view some photos from the visit here.


Meet Tony! Tony has been a part of our team since 2011 and is an Integration Consultant in Kuala Lumpur. Besides being a whiz when it comes to Integration, Tony is also inspired to create a positive and healthy environment for his family and colleagues. What helps Tony have a balance between work and social are his hobbies and interests; which include being passionate about technology gadgets, watching movies and dramas, listening to music and being involved in sports. Tony’s favourite sports to participate in are Soccer (Football), Badminton and Basketball.

Tony is a father is two little “monsters”, 4-year-old Son and 2-year-old Daughter, who know exactly how to brighten his day. Tony hopes that if his children do turn out the way he was as a child that they play it safe and don’t turn out to rebellious… If they do, we promise to send you some help for the Teenage years Tony. 

Favourite Quote:
Whatcha doing? – Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel.

CA ANZ consolidates data using Luana to achieve 360 degree view

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) are a professional membership body that supports business and accounting professionals around the world. They represent over 110,000 members and about 400,000 students around the world. As a membership body they shape the future for the accounting profession by focusing on four important areas: Education, Being Member Focused, Leadership & Advocacy and Personal Growth. The company employs over 500 people with skills in accountancy, ICT, marketing, event management, education, customer service and more. There are offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.


The biggest challenge experienced was there were three non-integrated systems all externally developed and heavily customised which managed student and member data. This also caused disjointed and undefined business processes as well as a lot of manual processes completed outside of any of the systems.

Some of the challenges faced were the following:

  • Reporting is time-consuming – slowing down decision making
  • No single touch point for Students to manage their membership
  • Student support cases handled in separate system
  • Workshop scheduling manual and prone to human error
  • Double handling of data between student and financial systems
  • TEQSA reporting highly labour intensive.
  • Registering of students by employers not user-friendly – requiring the user to via multiple touch points.


CA ANZ’S aim was to consolidate all the disparate data silos and provide their members, students, and employers a single community interface to view and manage their membership and education journey. They also wanted to leverage the Salesforce and Luana platform to reduce administrative processes and double handling of a members and/or students data.

Luana and its implementation partner WDCI were able to achieve some incredible outcomes using a combination of out of the box features in Salesforce/Luana, as well as some specific customisations leveraging the Salesforce platform and 3rd party AppExchange apps.


  • Real-time metrics on operational and student-related data was made possible. (previously not available)
  • Reduced administrative efforts by 70%
  • Reduced an employer’s workload by 90% to manage the next trimester’s employee enrolments.
  • Took results processing from 4 weeks to a staggering 1 day
  • Legislative reporting (TEQSA PIR) is generated via Luana SIS in minutes: eliminating months of manual preparation.


“Results processing within Salesforce and Luana worked perfectly the first time we used it. A process that normally takes 4 painstaking weeks was done in a day. Salesforce and Luana have helped our teams significantly reduce and automate repetitive administrative processes to focus on providing a great service to our members” Janine Coyle – Manager, Education – Admission Programs Delivery

“Luana & WDCI were able to very quickly understand the CA ANZ landscape, and deploy a solution on Salesforce that met and exceeded our transformational goals. Our teams have real-time visibility and a complete view of our members and students. Salesforce and Luana have provided CA ANZ a platform further grow and scale with the business needs. The future looks exciting!”  Leo Morta – CIO

Meet The Team – Ranjitha

Ranjitha is our Technical Consultant who joined our team in March 2017. Growing up in India saw Ranjitha graduated in Electronics and Computer science, as well as receive a Masters in Computer Applications before leaving and following her dreams migrate to Australia in 2009. While her husband works as an Intensive Care Specialist, Ranjitha received her second masters in Information Technology in Australia.  Ranjitha took some time off to start her family, a 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. Starting a family has shown Ranjitha the importance of needing a balance between family and career, which she is still learning to perfect the balance. Ranjitha enjoys cooking, baking, and painting, as well as having learned Bharatanatyam Dancer (Indian Classical Dance) but that has been put on hold for now.

Favourite quote?
“You want something, go get it, period” – Will Smith

‘Tis the season for helping

It’s that time of the year again! Our Kuala Lumpur team will be organising their yearly charity event to help those in need during the Christmas season. On the 16th of December 2017, our team will be visiting an orphanage, a retirement home, and a special needs home.  A video of last years visits are linked at the bottom of this page to give you an idea of what happens – we are delighted to take some time out to show people some respect, love, and joy.

The team for this year will be wearing our new charity shirts for this special occasion.

Are you interested in finding out more – or even how you can help? Check out our Facebook Event explaining all the details.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

Click here to see our video from 2016 and remember to stay tuned for this 2017’s video.

RIO Plan for Salesforce version 1.12 released

The key enhancement in this release is the ability for users to customize Planner start and end times. Users will also be able to customize how many working hours appear on the planner in the “Planner Options” in the RIO Plan Configuration Page.  Enhanced validation rules assist data integrity by enforcing enforcing more accurate time data in the planner.  Nice!

Check out this Page for more details on how to use RIO Plan. Got some popcorn? watch all of our tutorial videos here.

Get the latest release of  RIO Plan from the Appexchange.

Got new feature ideas that you think will benefit RIO Plan? Please email  suggestions to  – any new suggestions implemented will receive a $50 Amazon voucher.

Meet The Team – Introducing…. Nat Sullivan

Meet Nat Sullivan the newest member of our team who joined us in September 2017. Nat works out of our Sunshine Coast office and joined the team as a Project Manager.  Lucky for us Nat has a strong background in Salesforce. Nat is currently learning the ropes at WDCi but has 3 Trailhead Super Badges already. 

Tell us more about yourself Nat?

What appealed to you about WDCi?
WDCi offers me the opportunity to work with a great and diverse group of people and learn about different systems, all while working in a beautiful paradise!!

What do you bring to the company?
A combination of customer service, client liaison and Salesforce Systems Administration experience

What are you passionate about?

Where’s your favourite place in the world?
The Beach

What’s 1 professional or personal skill you wish you had more of?

Favourite quote?
Never stop traveling

Caloundra Film Festival – Final Movie

Tomorrow night the Caloundra Film Festival will be showing the final movie of the Sunshine Coast Spanish Film Festival  “The Queen of Spain” starring Penelope Cruz and Directed by Fernando Trueba, it looks like a scorcher! We would like to once again thank the Caloundra Film Festival team for allowing us to not only be sponsors for the film festival, but for doing such a crash hot job of bringing foreign films to the coast. We look forward to continuing this successful relationship and excited to see more.