Meet the team – introducing… Lean!

Meet Zhen Yueh Lean, one of our senior architects.

Lean works out of our Kuala Lumpur office and  joined the team as a pioneer in December 2008.  Lean is our goto person, with skills covering Salesforce architecture, design, development and configuration.  In addition to Salesforce he’s worked extensively with Dell Boomi and Talend.

Tell us about yourself Lean?

What is the best part about working at WDCi?
We have a friendly and helpful working environment.

Top Strength?
Troubleshooting and Development.

What’s 1 professional or personal skill you wish you had more of?
Communication skills.

How was WDCi grown since you started ?
We have been in the process of transforming ourselves throughout the last 9 years from cloud integration to Salesforce and now to a combination of both and a product company. It has been very exciting to see us evolve and improve.

Favourite moment?
My first company trip to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, back in 2013.

Favourite quote?
How hard can it be?

RIO Inventory for Salesforce Features

RIO Inventory for Salesforce has a load of features to manage your inventory levels.  Checkout this video to see some of the features in action.

Want to know more?  Take a look at the product documentation, the Appexchange listing or contact us at for more info.

Salesforce and TEQSA PIR Reporting – making life easier

For Higher Education providers there is a requirement to report their PIR data on a yearly basis.  This is a time consuming exercise requiring many hours of effort.

If you are running or want to run your SMS on the Salesforce platform, we can implement Salesforce to ensure you have all the required data, including capturing:

  1. Course data for the PCO file
  2. Student enrolment data for the PSD file
  3. Staff data for the PSF File
  4. Course completion data for the PPS file
  5. Load estimate data for the PLE file

In addition we can export all the required PIR data to a text positioned file so that they can be directly consumed into HEPCAT.

Our expertise in this area will ensure you have a solution that is continually validating your data.  We’ll advise you on PIR best practice to ensure reporting time is as painless as possible.

Contact us at to discuss our experience and how we can help you to meet your PIR reporting in a timely manner and with minimal impact to your organisation.

Salesforce and Outlook – what are my options?

With so many options available, how do you make a decision on the right way to connect Outlook and Salesforce.  Here’s some tips to help you in that process.

We’ll start with functionality that doesn’t require additional licensing:

  • Email to Salesforce  allows any outbound email from any email client to send a copy to Salesforce:
    • Each SF user has their own unique address that they cc in the outbound email
    • Salesforce consumes the email and applies filters based on each SF user’s configuration setting
    • Email only, email technology agnostic
    • Provides a solution to tablet users, utilising a tablet email client as this is simply another email address they are copying on outbound emails
    • Often used in conjunction with one of the methods below

If you want to purchase additional licensing, consider Salesforce Inbox, we’ll cover that in a different blog.

RIO Inventory for Salesforce now has Kit functionality

You asked for it and we’ve delivered!  RIO Inventory for Salesforce v4.1 has been released with Kit/Combo capabilities.  You can create Kits of a Combo or Assembled type, so whether you’re selling drum kits or baking cookies we have the solution for you.

This feature will allow you to create, assemble and return products to a Kit from Inventory on hand.  As expected it works with standard Salesforce Products so you can continue to use all the existing features with minimal changes.

To view more on the new Kits feature, check out our release notes in the RIO Inventory documentation here.

Want some help setting it up?  No problem, just contact us at and we’ll assist.