We Did: Boomi Training 101

After years of experience in delivering Boomi Integration processes and providing Boomi integration consultation to our customers, we now added a new services into our list, the Boomi Training. We’ve recently delivered a Boomi Training 101 to our client to enable our client’s users to better understand Boomi platform and to know how to manage the integration processes independently.

Our aim is to provide our client the basic understanding of Boomi platform and to build their confident on managing the platform themselves as well as to improve their capability of building their own integration process.

With that, we have two main training modules in place:

  1. Boomi Developer Training 101, which the syllabus includes:
    – Understanding cloud integration
    – Understanding the overview of Boomi platform
    – The basic components in Boomi
    – How to start building an integration process and making it work
    – Post build, maintaining and monitoring the integration process
  2. Boomi Deployment and Maintenance Training 101, which the syllabus includes:
    – Managing the process deployment
    – Monitoring and troubleshoot issues through process log
    – Maintaining different environments and atoms

Interested to know more about the training packages? Check with us!