TIP OF THE WEEK: Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness on Javascript Buttons and Links

Our tip this week is knowing what to do if your readiness report is displaying all “Green” for most of the components except for Javascript buttons and links in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Question: Should I be concerned with this? Our feedback is Yes!

Ignoring these warnings will lead to buttons and links which were previously working in Classic no longer functioning when you switch to Lightning Experience. Javascript custom buttons and links are NOT supported, and therefore users will NOT have the capability of using them in the Lightning Experience.

How do I solve this?
Don’t fear! There are a set of recommendations or workarounds that will help resolve these warnings. Remember to identify what the buttons and links do and refer to the following guidelines from Salesforce:


Meet the Team – Andrew

Meet Andrew! Andrew has been with WDCi group for the past 2.5 years starting as Project Management. You will be hearing more from Andrew as he recently moved to focus on Marketing and Alliance. Andrew’s previous background saw him receive 12+ years experience in various product management and management roles. He has also been working IT his whole working life (You rock Andrew) and in his chosen fields- Products management, marketing, and project management.

Andrew is a father of 5 kids. Yes you read that correct, 5 kids. You might think life at Andrews house would be a little wild, a little busy and very noisy. Fortunately for Andrew, he lives on a lifestyle block, which means the kids and animals entertain each other. How does Andrew keep sane? By spending his time enjoying the outdoors, swimming and bike riding with his family. Andrew is a dual citizen.  His favourite destination to travel too with his family is Queenstown. What is there not to love about Queenstown with its eye-popping scenery, so captivating and easy to fall in love with.

Aspirational Quote:

“Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one. Don’t implement promises, but keep them.”  C.S Lewis

TIP OF THE WEEK: Boomi Cross Reference Table Lookup via Regular Expression Use Case

Boomi’s October 2016 release included a cross-reference table lookup component which allows you to define different data matching rules (one of them being Regular Expression).

With this feature, you will no longer be constrained to having to use the exact match when designing an integration process. By utilising the xRef Table Lookup component you have even more flexibility to accommodate users business requirements.

With removing the “exact match” feature, you will no longer have to stress when entering multiple lines of data. This design will ensure that tracking data is simple and much easier if you use a regular expression as a matching rule.

Surely for those who are expert in Regex could definitely come up with something much more simplified.

Auto Populate and Validate Salesforce Address with Kleber Data Tools


One of the most significant challenges which face clubs is managing the membership data which flows into Salesforce.  The key reason that it is a challenge is because for most clubs they are dealing with many thousands of members.  During membership application or renewal processes, each member’s addresses need to be validated against the Australia Post database for the accuracy of the address.  If this is not done correctly, communication efforts become troublesome – with lots of data cleaning required.

In this case, the customer we were working with was a Kleber Data Tools subscriber.  Kleber offers an API to pre-populate and validates addresses, emails and phone numbers within Australia. To be operational, it needs to be integrated into Salesforce. This is so members and the organisation can benefit from the address and other data validation features which Kleber offers.


Utilising the Kleber API, forms are provisioned for the club’s members on-site at the club venue (for new and renewal) or online (for renewal).   These forms are set up in the address fields to suggest and prepopulated the inputs during the application process. In case an address was added manually, a second layer of checking against the address filled will be executed to ensure the address validity.
By using this method much of the work required to correct wrongly inputted data can be avoided.
Related Objects Account and Custom Objects
Components Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes
Complexity Moderate

Wedid: Managing Product Software Support for Partners (and/or) Customers using Salesforce Customer Service (Napili) Community.


A recent scenario we came across involved a company which is a leading provider of professional digital audio which they distribute the signals over networks. This company has a wide range of products that they resell to their partners including product support services.

The support team within this company was using standard email tools to manage its customer support function.  Already being a Salesforce user they had a strong desire to streamline their new product services to be within their Salesforce organisation. To achieve this the service portal within the organisation needed to be expanded to both the partners and the end customers.


We wanted to implement a solution which only changed parts of their process which were necessary.  So it was important to spend the time upfront to work through their objects and carefully map their current process flows.  The goal was to deliver a powerful tool  – which was also easy for the team to adopt.

Below are a snapshot of the New requirements we were working with:

  • Reply to the support cases from within Salesforce
  • Automatically assign resources to the case based on the type of license sold
  • Enable support teams to search for related Knowledgebase information to assist in servicing the customers’ needs.
  • An escalation pathway so that cases can proceed to higher technical levels of attention.
Related Objects    Case, Account, Contact, Entitlement, Knowledgebase
Components Data modelling, Customer Community (Napili template), Entitlement process, Flow, Workflow
Complexity Medium


With the solution in place, the company can make better decisions in their product roadmap and services based on the data analysis.

Salesforce provides a Single Pane of Glass for the Education Industry

We are seeing the number of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) moving to Salesforce has grown significantly. The ever-growing growth of nature of the RTO business impacts 3 major parts of their organisations’ – Marketing teams, Sales teams, and Student Administration.

These growth pains can easily be addressed by having all the key records residing in Salesforce, this provides a single source of the truth from Marketing through to Student admin.

WDCi has been working to develop a product called Luana which is built natively on the Salesforce standard data model to handle processes mostly used by the RTOs.

RTOs can now stay in one single instance and cover most of their daily process such as:

  • Lead Management e.g. follow-up on course preference
  • Qualification Process e.g. converting leads into students
  • Sales Management e.g. follow through the sales cycle till enrolment
  • Student Management e.g. enrolments and census date processes
  • Reporting e.g. sales metrics, enrolment metrics

The tailored model has helped RTO in identifying:

  • What sources brought in the most Leads?
  • What Courses contributed the most revenue?
  • What are the revenues like for each Quarter?
  • What is the projected revenue based on census dates not passed?

Kuala Lumpur Team continue Christmas Tradition

As an organisation, WDCi wants to be involved in the communities we work in – our team in the Kuala Lumpur office each year raise funds and volunteer to show care to vulnerable people.  There will be a number of organisations we help – but we wanted to share our first.

Last Sunday the team visited the Agathians Shelter, which houses young boys and teenagers.  They had raised a total of RM2500 which went toward a special luncheon we organised, groceries and a much need donation to help the Agathians Shelter continue their important and much needed work.

We are proud to have been able to help the Agathian Shelter in this small way.  We will continue to post up on some of the community organisations we will be working with.

You can view some photos from the visit here.

WE DID: Using Boomi to connect zipMoney and NetSuite Integration


One of our clients currently has an online store which is offering zipMoney as a form of payment.  The process involved was very manual and laborious it required that the payment from a customer be manually tracked in ZipMoney to determine if a payment had been successful – before proceeding.  After determining the status of the payment, the next step is to manually update the accounting system NetSuite.

This whole process between order placement and payment has become very time-consuming, mainly due to the uncertainty around the order status in ZipMoney. Below is our solution.


Purpose Perform order checkout to zipMoney to process payment and sync zipMoney application and payment status to NetSuite when certain events are triggered.
Tool Boomi
zipMoney Customer Application > Create/Update > NetSuite Customer
NetSuite Order > Checkout > zipMoney Order
zipMoney Order > Update > NetSuite Order
Data Formats JSON & XML
Volumes ~100/day
When a customer registers an account in zipMoney, the application will be stored in NetSuite.
When the customer makes an order from the online store and payment via zipMoney, this will perform an order checkout to zipMoney for the particular order.
When the customer approves the payment, this will then update NetSuite indicating the order is successfully paid.
Schedule Real-time
Complexity Medium


Meet Tony! Tony has been a part of our team since 2011 and is an Integration Consultant in Kuala Lumpur. Besides being a whiz when it comes to Integration, Tony is also inspired to create a positive and healthy environment for his family and colleagues. What helps Tony have a balance between work and social are his hobbies and interests; which include being passionate about technology gadgets, watching movies and dramas, listening to music and being involved in sports. Tony’s favourite sports to participate in are Soccer (Football), Badminton and Basketball.

Tony is a father is two little “monsters”, 4-year-old Son and 2-year-old Daughter, who know exactly how to brighten his day. Tony hopes that if his children do turn out the way he was as a child that they play it safe and don’t turn out to rebellious… If they do, we promise to send you some help for the Teenage years Tony. 

Favourite Quote:
Whatcha doing? – Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel.