SMS Magic: Getting Inbound SMS Trial


SMS Magic supports Inbound SMS, this means that when recipient replies to an SMS sent from SMS Magic, it will be captured back into Salesforce.

How does it work?

SMS Magic will provide an inbound number and when someone replies, they will reply to this number and it will be captured by SMS Magic.

Just like how we previously received sms from banks/telco company’s. There numbers would appear as 3333 to encourage our response or 1333 for subscriptions.

Getting a trial

You’ll need to contact SMS Magic support to get a trial. They will assign an inbound number to your account and this trial will only be available for Two Working Days.

Activating Inbound number

Upon activating the inbound number, you will also need to specify your country. Different Countries have different inbound numbers & pricing. See pricing below:

SMS Magic pricing – (Starter pack is sufficient enough to support inbound sms)

Inbound Pricing for different country – 

SMS Magic documentation – 

RIO Inventory for Salesforce now has Barcode Scanning

With RIO Inventory you can now scan SKU and Serial Products with a Barcode Scanner. This is a great new future that will save you time managing your inventory levels.

Check out our documentation for details and an explanation on how it works.  We have added a new  ‘How to Use’ guide which can be found here. 

Wedid: Salesforce Health Check

Health is important for all humans and also for your IT system’s! Keeping your IT system’s healthy helps in sustaining a better business. For example, Salesforce being your company’s CRM system.

Keeping Salesforce healthy helps you access your customer information in a smother and safer environment.

As such, we’ve recently helped our customer to perform a health check against their existing Salesforce instance which have operated for at least 3 years.

Some of the highlights of the health check scope includes:

  • Salesforce very own security health check
  • Scanning apex code/s within the Salesforce instance
  • Monitor Salesforce API request limit
  • And much more

It is recommended to health check your system at least on a yearly basis, similar to your yearly body checkup as well.

If you value your Salesforce instance as much as you value your own health, feel free to contact us for help you with your Salesforce health check.

WDCi Hiring in Kuala Lumpur

We are currently looking to hire a Director of Service to join our team in the Kuala Lumpur office.

Do you have 10 years Senior Manager experience?

Are you proficient in both written and spoken English?

5+ years experience in planning and managing IT infrastructure requirements?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, click here to find out more and how to apply today.

RIO Inventory Sage Now Available

RIO Inventory Sage Live is an inventory solution that can be used for multiple warehouses.

Key features for Sage Live include:

  • 100% native Salesforce app.
  • Uses standard products.
  • Inventory is recorded against warehouse locations.
  • Inventory can be recorded in Batches.
  • Inventory on hand and available visible at the product level.
  • Products, Accounts or Transactions can have default warehouse location set.
  • Low inventory threshold can be set per product. Reports show when products have low inventory.

RIO has been published to the Sage Marketplace and can be viewed here.

RIO Inventory 3.8 Release


We have just released RIO Inventory 3.8 to the Appexchange. This update has new features that include:

  • Barcode scanning – enabled for Product SKU
  • New offline scan mode to provide efficient scanning of SKU’s without internet connectivity
  • Add, remove or transfer multiple serials of a product
  • Improved performance for Inventory Adjustments

RIO Inventory adjustment

Check out this Page for more details on the new RIO Inventory updates or you can watch our youtube video tutorial here. Install RIO Inventory and enjoy our new release.

Have some new feature ideas that you think will benefit RIO Inventory? Please tell us your suggestions at